WWE Raw 7/23/18 Recap – Roman battles Lashley for a chance to face Brock at Summerslam

The Raw roster is on the stage while Vince stands mid-ring and welcomes everyone to Raw. He welcomes HHH and Steph down before HHH says that they go out to entertain the world. He yammers on about the first of many WWE stips becoming all-gender stipulations. Steph talks about how 30 second matches became main events and how divas became Superstars! Steph talks about how now, women can be anything they want and now over 50 women across the eras will be a part of WWE Evolution on PPV – the first all-women’s PPV…under WWE’s banner. Everyone on the female roster is overjoyed – so why even bother to have storylines after this?

The B Team hypes one another up for their title rematch with Matt and Bray, and they make a joke about Axel being the brother Bo never had. Elias is out and interrupted by Bray’s intro. Matt hits a Twist, but Bo makes a save. Bray is tossed onto Matt and Axel pins Matt. Matt and Bray jump the champs after the match – so I guess they’re heels now. Chad Gable and Balor walk backstage to Finn’s new “locker room” that Corbin gave him – a kid’s playhouse.

A recap airs of Sasha and Bayley’s issues and Bayley talks about talking with Sasha, here before they talk some more about talking. WWE brags about having more Facebook followers than Kanye and the NFL. Sasha and Bayley beat a pair of jobbers and Sasha wins with the Bank statement. Braun is shown tossing KO off the cage – a bump that really did mean nothing a week later. Braun talks about being the Monster in the Bank and cashing in sooner or later. KO returns with some K tape and tape on his wrist. He says that since Braun tried to take everything away from him, he’ll take everything from him. He won the cage match and Braun’s problems have only just begun.

Corbin comes down and says that what Braun did was technically legal – but morally wrong. He makes some short jokes about Balor and he’s found someone to help Braun find the calm – Jinder! Braun leads a peaceful GET THESE HANDS chant and Jinder gets them and Sunil gets beaten up. Nattie and Mickie have a perfectly fine little match, with Alexa getting on the apron and Mickie attacking her with the distraction. Mickie hits a yakuza kick to win it. A Connor’s Cure video airs before Roman talks about beating Lashley tonight because tonight’s a new night and it will be the first night he beats Lashley.

Elias talks about his album before being interrupted by AOP’s theme. AOP and Titus Worldwide have a long, friendly chat and AOP buries Titus and tells him to retire. Titus slugs them and a brawl breaks out that Titus Worldwide wins it. Steph talks with KO and asks if he’s okay. KO says he isn’t, but he wants to face Braun and if he wins, he gets the MITB contract. Steph okays this and he hugs Corbin before Kurt helps Steph into her limo. Mojo comes out and destroys Tyler despite having a gigantic bruise on his left leg. The sitout Alabama slam is a solid finish, but not as good as the pounce.

Drew talks about being closer to the Universal Title last week, but he lost that chance due to Balor losing. Elias gets interrupted again by Balor’s theme and then Drew is out. Balor’s right shoulder has the same kind of nasty bruise that Mojo’s leg did. They have a solid, short match until Dolph comes in for a DQ. Kurt comes out and makes a tag match with Seth as Balor’s partner. Balor plays babyface in peril a lot and works great with Drew before getting a hot tag. Seth hits a gut superkick and a kneeling superkick for 2. Inverted Alabama slam gets 2 for Drew. Seth avoids a doomsday DDT and hits the stomp to Dolph to win.

Lashley talks about Roman failing again tonight and he’ll beat him and then beat Brock too. Ember Moon faces Liv, who has a new tattoo on her stomach. Liv loses to the Eclipse. Seth chats about being proud about Evolution and getting a match for Summerslam – a match with Dolph for the IC Title. Roman’s career is recapped before Lashley gets an extensive video too. Their PPV match is recapped in quite a bit of depth too. Elias is given a chance by Kurt to sing, and he sings until Lashley’s theme interrupts him.

Roman and Lashley start things off with a brawl all over ringside. Lashley hits a big lariat and another sends Roman over the top. Lashley lays him out with a nasty Ron Simmons-esque spinebuster before working on the arm. Roman goes for a dive, but eats a lariat on the apron. Lashley gets a full nelson out of a Superman punch, but Roman elbows him. Lashley goes for a spear, but eats jumping something for 2. Lashley tosses him into the ring through the ropes and he lands awkwardly on his neck, and a spear gets 2.9 for Lashley! Roman hits a Superman punch and a spear ends it! It will be Roman vs. Brock IV at Summerslam.

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