DC Comics Universe & Justice League Dark #2 Spoilers: Which Hero Turns Villain & Is Behind The Slow Death Of Magic? How Does This Impact Justice Society / JSA Rebirth?

DC Comics Universe and Justice League Dark #2 Spoilers follows.

Which Hero Turns Villain and Is Behind The Slow Death Of Magic?

Magic is dying and the magical heroes Wonder Woman sought to form a team now do so after warding off threats in the Hall of Justice… basement.

Doctor Fate is next on their list…

…Kent Nelson aka Doctor Fate lets them into his tower.

He reveals the DC Rebirth era origin of the Lords of Order and the helm of Doctor Fate.

Meanwhile, the previous host for Doctor Fate, Khalid Nassour, is freed from his hidden prison and reveals that Nabu, the old mage in the helm of Fate, is behind the slow death of magic. Kent Nelson has not been in control as Doctor Fate for weeks. He is seemingly destroyed by Nabu…

…as Nabu leaves Wonder Woman and the JLD to face…

…an creepy new threat!

With Doctor Fate Classically Associated With A Golden Age and Generational Team, How Does This Heel Turn Impact Justice Society / JSA Rebirth?

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