WWE Raw 9/17/18 Recap – Corbin vs. Reigns for the TItle

Cole welcomes us to Raw after a HELLACIOUS HELL IN A CELL EVENT. Well, I’d certainly hope it was hellacious. Roman is out and is called the most polarizing figure today. A main event recap video airs as Roman stands near the ring. Brock’s massacre was truly magnificent. Roman calls Brock a coward for attacking him while he was down – and he’s down to fight him tonight. According to Cole, Braun was SO UPSET ABOUT HIAC, HE TOOK TO SOCIAL MEDIA. Boy have times changed. Braun tells Roman that Brock’s the only reason Roman’s still champ and he wants Brock too. He says he’s been talking with Steph about a solution – a match in Saudi Arabia at WWE Crown Jewel, it will be a triple threat between all three men.

Braun says the match sucks, the fans suck, and everyone in the arena sucks. Heyman offers a lesson in Brockonomics – you wind up being worth more money in WWE, you are worth more money in UFC too. Heyman talks about Brock’s Universal Title reign leading to multi-billion dollar TV deals that ended when Roman stole the title. Baron calls Roman a whining puppy tonight because he’ll be facing Baron for the title. Dean Ambrose is shown staring at the camera before facing Drew.

Dean DDTs the knee out of the corner to start. Drew works the arm before and after a break. Dean gets a half crab, but Drew escapes and hits a super belly to belly throw. Cloverleaf by Dean, but Drew gets to the rope. Dean hits a suicide dive, but misses a double sledge off the top to the floor. He darts in at 9 to avoid a countout, but a Claymore ends it. The Crown Jewel main event is hyped and we’ll hear from Ronda next.

Drew walks backstage and Dolph congratulates him on the win. Baron meets with them and tells Dolph to invoke his rematch clause because Seth is hurt too and isn’t even here – so if he’s a no-show, Dolph wins the title without even needing a match. Ronda chats with Nikki, Brie, and Nattie about wanting to make an open challenge for the title, but Ronda isn’t sure how it all works.

Gable faces Viktor, and has a tremendous inset promo with Gable being an annoying hanger-on – but it works. Gable’s bridging butterfly suplex looks gorgeous and gets 2. Gable hits a series of exploders and hits a crossbody over the top before a cannonball. Missile dropkick lands and he wins with the Chaos Theory. After the match, Konnor takes them out. Lashley vs. Elias is hyped up and Taker is next. Seth appears backstage and is told about his IC Title match tonight and he’s pretty non-plussed.

Taker comes out and calls HHH delusional and says he isn’t a warrior anymore. Taker says that HBK won’t be coming to Australia to watch the match – he’ll be in HHH’s corner. He’s fine with that since he’ll have Kane in his corner! Taker says he’ll take HHH’s career and his soul. HIAC main event match recap airs again. We see some of the wrestlers and Steph go to a children’s hospital giving the kids entrances. Bayley and Sasha bring them out and have fun with the tube men.

Bayley faces Dana Brooke after the break. Dana has officially left Titus Worldwide and Bayley beats her quickly. Drake Maverick leads AOP down to the ring to face Greg James and Barrett Brown. Running corner DVD hits after a Vader bomb and the Super Collider ends it. Dolph complains to Baron, who says that Seth’s partner already lost, so he’ll keep that trend going and beat Seth tonight. We get a recap of Seth and Dolph flying off the cell.

Seth sends Dolph out, but eats a neck snap for an ad break. Dolph locks on a sleeper, but eats an inverted superplex and gets 2. Dolph goes for a schoolboy with the tights, but Seth escapes and wins with the stomp. Roman says he isn’t the underdog tonight and Ronda shadowboxes backstage. Brie thanks her father for Hispanic Heritage Month, whle Almas picks his family and Zelina Vega picks Rey, while Sasha picks Eddie.

Ronda comes out to a huge “Ronda Rousey” chant that she’s awe-struck by. She says she wants to be like Bret, Austin, and Flair and is issuing an open challenge tonight. Nattie’s theme hits, but the Riott Squad drags her out. Ronda destroys them briefly, but the numbers game works against her as a spear takes her down. Thankfully, The Bella Twins come down to save the former UFC World Champion. Baron shadowboxes backstage before Braun warns him that if he wins, he’s doomed.

Elias sings and is hugely over. He talks about how bad the show can get without him on it and everyone knows that WWE stands for Walk With Elias. He talks about the Dallas fans wearing Cowboys jersey being a mere advertisement for failure. Lio Rush says that Elias is singing the same tired diss track before Elias asks whose kid is this. Okay, that’s a great line. It buries Rush six feet under, as does him saying he’ll have him escorted to lost and found.

Elias grinds away with a chinlock. Lashley hits a powerslam after a leapfrog. Lashley dives off the top and eats a big knee. Lio and KO brawl at ringside. Lashley saves Lio from an apron bomb and throws him onto the heels. Alexa talks up Mickie and Foxy to face Ember and whoever she can find. A Trish highlight video airs. Fox and Mickie get a jobber intro against Ember and Nia Jax. Not much to the match, sadly. Long chinlock by Mickie to Ember before she gets a hot tag to Nia. Nia wins with the Samoan drop. Baron threatens the ref to be biased towards him tonight.

Baron gets a quick 2 count off a cradle to start. Baron decks him with a giant lariat for 2.9. After the break, Baron gets his signature arm and necklock before landing the backbreaker/chokeslam for 2.5. Baron re-locks on the long neck and armlock. Roman recovers and his a series of lariats and then a corner sequence of them. Baron avoids a corner Superman punch by going to the floor, so Roman goes to the floor and dives off the steps with one. Roman chases Corbin, who throws a chair at him – so the ref DQs him.

Corbin restarts it as a no DQ match. Superman punch hits Corbin when he goes to use the chair, but it only gets 2. Roman grabs the chair and Braun comes down. Braun headbutts Roman, but misses a shoulder charge. Deep Six hits for 2.9! Then the Shield and Dogs of War-mates brawl. Dean and Seth hit a double dive and Roman goes for a deadman dive, but Corbin hits him. He goes to win, but the spear ends it and Roman wins.


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