The Column: The State Of The Original TITANS At DC Comics

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The State of the Original Titans

Welcome to the column where I want to talk about the rotten treatment that my favorite team from comics have been going through for quite a while.

Yes, I am talking about the Titans. The Original Ones to be exact.

If you don’t know the OG Titans or you are confused with some other Titans, let me clear it up for you.

Dick Grayson as Robin sidekick to Batman, Donna Troy as Wonder Girl Sidekick to Wonder Woman, Wally West as Kid Flash sidekick to the Flash, Roy Harper as Speedy sidekick to Green Arrow and Garth as Aqualad sidekick to Aquaman created a team of teenage sidekicks sometime in the distant past. They formed a team with friendship as the core thing that bound the team together.

Years went on, they disbanded and they all went their own separate ways. We had Robin became Nightwing, Kid Flash graduated to the Flash, Wonder Girl became Troia, Speedy became Arsenal and Aqualad became Tempest. Then DC Comics brought them back and it was wildly successful, but as usual to up the stakes this run ended with the death of Donna Troy and Lilith Clay aka Omen.

Years later in 2008 DC Comics brought them back before ending this time with the death of Tempest and the amputation of Roy Harper and the death of his daughter Lian Harper.

Then the infamous Flashpoint event came around and poked its nose once again. This time DC Comics tried to present a world where they never even existed. With Roy and Dick the only exceptions, all the others were completely erased from existence even Wally West THE Flash for 23 years.

Again the fans demanded we want them back and they brought the team back into continuity with the infamous Titans Hunt saga. At that point people were relieved to just have them back.

After Flashpoint DC’s continuity was redone with a younger changed DC Universe. But still, something was missing and DC Rebirth brought back Wally West who brought the Titans to the forefront again.

It was at this moment they should have been brought to the spotlight. Everything was perfect for a moment. But what did  we get? No one cares about the Titans. No other title used the team as a whole in anything. They were not considered for crossover events. They were ignored again. But one could have forgiven those if there was a plan behind it. Maybe the Titans will be the ones leading the charge against Flashpoint. They were the ones who lost the most after all.

Instead we got the Justice League disbanding the Titans and the Titans actually agreeing to that. Then fast forward to now where we have Roy Harper and Wally West dead in the first issue of Heroes In Crisis #1 and yet another Titans run ending in chaos.

I just want you to look at these, the current state of the Titans, and think if it is any way fair to their fans. And please don’t argue that it is or a story purposes as it never works that way for this team.

Just wanted to leave this behind.

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