DC Comics Universe & Justice League #14 Spoilers & Review: Hawkworld Mythology Expands With Hawkman & Hawkwoman / Hawkgirl? Plus Starman Returns Pitting Batman Vs. Superman? Legion Of Doom?

DC Comics Universe and Justice League #14 Spoilers and Review follows.

Hawkworld Mythology Expands With Hawkman and Hawkwoman / Hawkgirl? Plus Starman Returns Pitting Batman Vs. Superman? Legion Of Doom?

Interesting that the variant cover in the teaser (below) was replaced by the variant above (opening pic).

The book opens with Batman trying to unlock the mind of Starman, Will Payton, with the help of Starro who the team lovingly calls Jarro.

Superman thinks that cruel and rips Starro off of the comatose Starman.

We then pivot to Kendra Saunders Hawkgirl, John Stewart Green Lantern and the Martian Manhunter heading to Thanagar Prime where…

…they are met by its Empress Shayera Thal Hol.

She explains Thanagar’s role in the universe, protecting said universe’s secrets, while…

…the Justice League explains they are looking for an elder Martian who can help decrypt or better understand the markings on Kendra’s wings.

Shayera and Kendra appear to share some kind of bond as readers also learn that Shayera’s husband Katar Hol is dead.

Kendra leaves Shayera as their unexplained connection reveals to her something sinister is afoot and in response Shayera unleashes…

…her thought to be dead husband Katar Hol, the Savage Hawkman, on the Justice League while…

…Starman is about to go supernova?!

The Pulse:

I enjoyed the issue. Lots of intrigue, drama and a smattering of action with great art. Entertaining, but I wished there was more action, but since this is the opening part of the arc it doesn’t start with a bang, but the issue sure ends with two. Also, I was sad to see no member of the Legion of Doom in this issue, but hope we’ll see them in the next issue. Finally, I’m curious as to how this Hawkworld arc will align with the story told of Carter Hall in the ongoing Hawkman series. 8.5 out of 10.

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