Dark Horse Comics & October 2019 Solicitations Spoilers: Grendel Prime Returns For Devil’s Odyssey!

Dark Horse Comics and October 2019 Solicitations Spoilers follows.

Grendel Prime Returns For Devil’s Odyssey!

CBR reports:

      Eisner Award winner Matt Wagner’s returns to his Grendel universe in 2019, and CBR has the exclusive details about the series.

      Grendel: Devil’s Odyssey sees Wagner return to his sci-fi epic, sending the cyborg Grendel into space in order to save all of humanity. The eight-issue series, revealed as part of Dark Horse Comics’ Emerald City Comic Con announcements, is written and illustrated by Wagner, with colors by Brennan Wagner and letters by Dave Lanphear. Matt Wagner will provide the tittle’s standard covers, while Fábio Moon (Casanova) is illustrating variants for each issue.

      “As civilization comes to an end on Earth, the final Grendel Khan gives Grendel Prime a new directive: Find a new home for the human race,” the series’ official description reads. “But will the deadly and relentless paladin ultimately save humanity . . . or destroy it?”

      The original Grendel, Hunter Rose, was created by Wagner in the ’80s, debuting in a short story in Comico Primer #2. Wagner revisited the character in a series of back-up pieces in his Mage series, where he would expand on Rose’s story as a famous writer who happened to be the masked assassin known as Grendel. The villain soon landed his own series, which ran for 40 issues, first at Comico and then at Dark Horse.

      In 1992, after Wagner had killed Hunter Rose, he debuted Grendel: War Child, a ten-issue story written by Wagner, illustrated by Patrick McEown and colored by Bernie Mireault. The series was set in the far future, where Rose’s legacy had become one of legend. Here, Wagner introduced Grendel Prime, a massive, body armored cyborg who defended the weak and innocent. Though this was the character’s only standalone storyline until this year’s Devil’s Odyssey, Grendel Prime did once meet Batman in a crossover published by Dark Horse and DC Comics in 1996.

      Grendel: Devil’s Odyssey #1, by Matt Wagner, Brennan Wagner and Dave Lanphear, arrives in stores Wednesday, October 2, 2019.


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