Avengers Endgame Marvel Legends Now Available!

The Avengers Endgame wave of Marvel Legends has started to hit stores, and online. This wave includes:

-Captain America (Endgame)
-Ronin (Endgame)
-Ebony Maw (Infinity War)
-Hercules (Comic Book)
-Living Laser (Comic Book)
-Citizen V (Comic Book)
-Darkhawk (Comic Book)

The Build-a-Figure is an Armored Thanos from Endgame, and pieces for him come with each figure except Captain America. You can order a full case right here.

There are 2 exclusive 2-packs that go along with this wave that are also hitting stores now:
-Black Widow & Hawkeye with Ant-Man, Iron Man, and Nebula Alternate Heads (Target Exclusive)
-Loki & Corvus Glaive (Walmart Exclusive)

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