DC Comics Universe & Action Comics #1011 Spoilers & Review: Superman Consumed By Leviathan Rising As Event Leviathan Looms & Players Emerge Including Manhunter Kate Spencer!

DC Comics Universe and Action Comics #1011 Spoilers and Review follows.

Superman Is Consumed By Leviathan Rising As Event Leviathan Looms and…

…Players Emerge Including Manhunter Kate Spencer!

Maggie Sawyer brings the Metropolis police to arrest lawyer Kate Spencer, who they knows is Manhunter, but…

…the Manhunter escapes!

Elsewhere spy Lois Lane learns the truth about Spyral…

…and that knew Leviathan was coming, but did nothing or, worse, joined them!

Spyral spies on the super-powered and is compromised if not destroyed.

Despite having evidence, Perry White wants a second source who is eradicated by a Leviathan aligned menace.

A mysterious figure visits the Golden Age Guardian in hospital…

…as Superman and Lois Lane find that Amanda Waller escaped the Fortress of Solitude in one of Superman’s Batman trophies. She escaped as Jimmy Olsen confronted her about being Leviathan; which she may or not be as Superman points out.

The book ends with the big question before Superman and friends: Who is Leviathan?

Next up is Leviathan Rising #1 one-shot on May 29, 2019…

…followed by launch of six issue Event Leviathan event mini-series with a shiny #1 on June 12, 2019.

The Pulse:

A compelling issue with lots of intrigue driven by story-appropriate art. Glad to see Manhunter back! 8 out of 10.

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