DC Comics Universe & Shazam #6 Spoilers & Review: It All Changes Here!

DC Comics Universe and Shazam #6 Spoilers and Review follows.

It All Changes…


Before we begin, along with Billy Batson as Shazam, here’s the rest of the Shazam Family.

In addition, here are the Seven Magiclands.

Billy Batson and Mary Bromfield in their Shazam personas escape King Kid of the Funlands…

…and try to find their foster brothers and sisters by going to the Wildlands…

…but their portal abruptly closes as a casualty of Sivana’s battle with Black Adam that Sivana wins with the help of Mister Mind!

As a result, Billy and Mary end up back home…

…where Billy Batson meets his biological father.

He tells Billy of his past; he’s been in jail and he doesn’t know where Billy’s biological mother is.

Eugene Choi and Pedro Pena in their Shazam personas are trying to escape the Gamelands and are…

…confronted by the Wizard Shazam?!

The book ends with King Kid and his child soldiers about to invade the Earthlands…

…while Mary reveals it all to her foster parents as she needs help to find the rest of their family!

Next up is Shazam #7.

The Pulse:

Great artists, but the styles are not complementary. Intriguing narrative and game-changing ending. 7 out of 10.

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