WWE Raw 6/17/19 Recap – Bryan vs. Seth

Elias sings and heels on the crowd before he reveals a ref shirt and Seth beats him up. Well, he’s a bit of a prick. Miz comes down and the Lashley does and spears Elias. Cesaro comes down and swings him before Ricochet hits a codebreaker on him and then Braun powerslams him. Braun takes out Cesaro with a powerslam. Lashley eats a powerslam and is taken out quickly. Lashley spears Braun while he has Miz up and everyone just becomes a big pile. Ricochet hits a 630 on Strowman and everyone covers Braun to take him out. Braun tosses Ricochet over the top into Lashley, who thankfully catches him. Cesaro gets pounced into the tron. Miz hits the kicks and gets a figure four. Miz goes for a springboard and eats a codebreaker and 630 to end it and then Joe beats him up.

Becky cuts a promo on Lacey, who says that she’s got a classy hat and that scares Becky because she’s tougher than Becky. They do have a fantastic story with her and they don’t tell it – or show it. But if you read her Wikipedia, you’ll get it before they have her say she’s a marine and can run a boot camp and then do a run by noon. Becky hits the exploder and wears Lacey’s hat. The Revival go into Shane’s locker room and party with Drew, who I guess likes parties now.

Corbin cuts a promo backstage and is beaten up by Seth with a chair. Seth remains a prick. Bryan and Rowan come down and say that they’ll show Raw’s teams why they’re the best team in history. The Viking Raiders beat up some jobbers while Carmella and Truth watch in drag. The jobbers chase him backstage. Corbin recovers and talks with KO and Sami to discuss the referee situation for the PPV. They come down and we cut to Heath asking for a raise and Shane commends his guts, but denies him. Heath leaves and then Drew goes out to apologize and says he knows his family – so he offers him money, only as a ploy to drop it and beat him up. Now that’s a great way to play off the past. The Revival calms him down and then takes the cash he dropped – good stuff!

Corbin is out with KO and Sami and they jabber on for a bit until New Day comes down and beats up EC3 in a ref shirt. All righty. AJ meets with Doctors Anderson and Gallows, with Gallows offering up a prostate exam. AJ tells them that they debuted three years ago and says they’ve gotten complacent. He asks when the last time they were on TV or even won a match and Karl says they’ll prove they’ve still got it tonight. That’s a fine way of bringing up issues that characters should actually have if they are real people – again, good, easy stuff.

New Day vs. Corbin and KO and Sami is made a 2/3 falls to make it eat up more time and still accomplish nothing. Kingston hits his finish and beats Corbin, who may wind up winning on the PPV. Alexa plays friend for Nikki and gets her a mug and plays with her emotions again. Heyman cuts another generic promo about Brock being an ever-present threat. EY chats with Corbin and we get the tail of end the conversation. Eric tells Seth he looks bad in stripes and then Seth attacks him with a chair. What a prick.

The Usos welcome the Club to the Uso Penitentiary. They have a quick match with the Club looking strong to start, but eating a variety of superkicks to end it while AJ looks on sadly. Hogan’s twitter promo airs before Roman comes down and says he wants to whoop Shane tonight. Shane replies only after being given his Best in the World intro. Drew says he’s destroy Roman and threatens his kids, leading to Roman beating up the Raw tag champs backstage. Roman brawls with them backstage and they fight to the ring with Roman beating up Shane.

Bayley denies being mean to a fan and then the IIconics come down. Sadly, Billie Kay doesn’t announce her retirement, but instead, we get a match. Alexa and Nikki Cross come down to face them and Alexa stomps a mudhole in Billie. They kick Bliss down and pose on her. Alexa and Bayley fight and it leads to Nikki being beaten. Nikki says she’ll be there for Alexa to see her beat Bayley after crushing her dreams of being a champion.

The Firefly Funhouse talks about flat-earthers and his old worm gimmick. Bray begs for everyone to join them before the rest of the Funhouse joins in. This is the best, weirdest character work they’ve done in ages and then a video asks for everyone to just let him in. Bryan talks about how stupid it is to let Seth run wild with a chair because all you have to do is take the chair out of his hands – and he’ll prove that he isn’t a better wrestler than Daniel Bryan tonight.

The match starts with dives before Rowan claw slams him on the apron. Then all the faces and heels tonight brawl before the match is restarted. Bryan turns a stomp attempt into an O’Connor roll for 2. Bryan gets the LeBell lock, but Seth escapes and hits an enzuiguri and lands the stomp to win it. Corbin beats up Seth with a chair and then hits the End of Days to close the show.

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