Marvel Comics Universe & Marvel Comics Presents #7 Spoilers & Review: Is Queen Of Nothing, Rien, Wolverine’s Daughter?! What About Psylocke?

Marvel Comics Universe and Marvel Comics Presents #7 Spoilers and Review follows.

Is Queen Of Nothing, Rien, Wolverine’s Daughter?! So, Is Rien Wolverine’s Daughter?! What About Psylocke?

Wolverine finally catches up to the woman she think is his daughter.

He did have a tryst with her mom, but she doesn’t consider him her father.

Her people call her “la reine du rien” which in English means Queen of Nothing, but she likes to go by Rien which just means Nothing according to her.

That is somewhat curious since the Asian Psylocke had been calling herself Nothing the in the last few issues of the Uncanny X-Men while her Caucasian self remained Psylocke.

Anyhow, the question of parentage may be definitely solved later, but it sure seems like she’s Wolverine’s daughter.

The Pulse:

I’m only reviewing the Wolverine and Rien tale in this issue; there are also stories featuring Iron Man and the Winter Soldier. So, this opening story had awesome are and a compelling story and mystery. I wish there was more action and less word balloons, but I was entertained. 7 out of 10.

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