DVD Review – Mayans M.C (Season 1)

In an era where shows like The Wire, Breaking Bad, The Shield and The Sopranos showed us various layers of the crime world , Sons of Anarchy gave us the inner workings of an outlaw motorcycle gang and the curious relationship between its president and vice president. The show was brilliant at times, awful at others, but throughout always had something interesting to put on the screen.

Four years after Jax Teller’s death in Sons, Sutter has given us a spinoff into the world of SAMCRO rivals the Mayans. We see it through the eyes of a prospect (J.D Pardo) joining the southern California chapter.

You can tell how Sutter as a showrunner has evolved in the years since Sons of Anarchy. Mayans M.C has a similar look and style but it’s changed just enough to make it distinct. This feels at home in the SAMCRO universe but still has a distinct feel to it. He’s taken that SAMCRO look, and style, and given it an upgrade.

There are some quick appearances from some ancillary characters from the original to give us that connection, as well, which is a great touch. It would’ve been one thing if they brought in some of the principal members, which wouldn’t make sense geographically, but Robert Patrick showing up for the pilot gives us a connection to Sons without it being forced.

The first season, about half of which is credited to Sutter writing for, is genuinely compelling television in the same way Sons of Anarchy was. We’re plunged into a world of organized crime and it quickly gets incredibly fascinating because Sutter is a compelling filmmaker and showrunner right now.

Mayans is easily one of the most underrated shows on television and has the potential to be as good or better than Sons of Anarchy was … and probably sooner than anyone thinks.

Nothing of significance.

20th Century Fox presents Mayans M.C..(Season 1). Created by Kurt Sutter. Starring J.D Pardo, Sarah Bolger, Clayton Cardenas, Michael Irby, Edward James Olmos. Run Time: 660 minutes. Not Rated. Released on DVD: 8.20.19