The Column: 5 Of The Best Parents Of The Marvel Universe

Marvel Parents

Welcome to the column where I talk about some of the best parents of the Marvel Universe

The Marvel Universe hasn’t had the best of luck moving on from iconic characters and moving the characters on to their next stage of their lives. But despite these, we have gotten the chance to witness some awesome parents raise their kids and how it has had a beneficial effect on both of them. Superheroes having kids is frowned upon by comic publishers but when it happens, it has almost always been great.

These are some of my top picks choosing some pretty cool parents.

5: Scott Lang / Cassie Lang tied with Janet Van Dyne / Nadia Pym

Scott became Ant-Man with the sole purpose of making sure his daughter doesn’t die. He became a pretty important part of her life slowly before death took its course. Cassie eventually brought him back with the help of time travel, but Scott was now subject to his daughters death in a case of cruel irony. Cassie was eventually resurrected by a repentant doom and the two have been leading a good life together.

Janet has become a mother figure to the young Nadia, the daughter of ex-husband Hank Pym. Adopting this little girl and making sure she doesn’t feel alone in a world which doesn’t look too kindly upon Hank Pym. Nadia became the Wasp as a tribute to Janet and has been extremely grateful for Janet taking her under her wing

4: Ben and May Parker

Child: Peter Parker

While they didn’t give birth to Peter Parker, these two instilled in Peter excellent ideas and raised a fine young man. A young man who understands right from wrong and dedicated his life to helping others. It’s a pretty amazing accomplishment to raise the greatest hero of the marvel universe… in the future but you get it.

3: Jessica Jones and Luke Cage

Child: Danielle Cage

Jessica and Luke are relatively new compared to the rest of the list. They are one of the few couples that have been given the chance to experience the joys of parenthood. Raising a cute little girl known as Danielle Cage, Jessica and Luke have been excellent heroes. Both of have managed to mix their heroics and parenthood and Danielle is the benefactor of all of that love. They struggle, they undergo problems. They face threats and face the worst of the universe but their primary priority will always be the safety of their daughters. Badass parents, I must say.

2: Susan Storm and Reed Richards

Children: Franklin and Valeria Richards

One of the best couples in comics are some of the parents as well. Raising the smartest and the most powerful persons of the marvel universe cant be easy for anybody but fortunately they have some experience in those arenas. Valeria working with her father in the lab and her talks with her mother are always awesome. Franklin despite being the most powerful in the universe admits his fears to his mom and is the awesome son of Reed.

1: Peter Parker and Mary Jane Watson

Children: Mayday and Benjy Parker

This is a bit of a cheat but I totally believe that the best parents of the Marvel multiverse are the Earth 982 versions of Peter and MJ. They raised an awesome daughter who became Spider Girl and proved to every bit the hero her dad was. Their joy was increased by the addition of Little Ben Parker. They are compassionate and stern depending on what the situation requires and I loved their characterizations throughout the Spider-Girl Series.

What couple would you choose to be your favorite?

These are some of my picks and I think each and every one of these characters are pretty great parents

Ps: Main Universe Peter and MJ need to have a kid if you ask me.

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