Marvel Comics Universe & X-Men #2 Spoilers & Review: Two HUGE Status Quo Changes For Dawn Of X!

Marvel Comics Universe and X-Men #2 Spoilers and Review follows.

Two HUGE Status Quo Changes…

…For Dawn Of X?!

Also, Fallen Angels #1 (full spoilers here) debuts this week alongside X-Men #2 as part of Dawn of X.

Anyhow, X-Men #2 opens with Cyclops and his children, Cable and Prestige, going exploring as to why the mutant island haven of Krakoa is literally moving towards another island.

The island appears to have monstrous qualities…

…including not-seen-before animals and monsters that…

…prompts the Summers family to attack.

The rouse the attention of a pale island denizen and his mother…

…promoting him to reveals himself to the Summers Family island visitors.

Cable tries to blow him up and fails.

The leads the boy revealing himself as a Summoner…

…who can summon island creatures to his bidding it appears.

As with most comic book battles, cooler heads prevail as Krakoa merges with this other island revealed to be Arakko; they are joined again.

The book ends with the revelation that the Summoner is the grandson of Apocalypse a character appearing the pages of the Excalibur ongoing series.

The book also includes extras like explaining what Summoners are and…

…unveiling more about the new merge island.

The Pulse:

A gripping issue with an intriguing family road trip. Interesting reveal about the Summoner being Apocalypse’s grandson. Seems to be another over-sized issue. Solid art. 8 out of 10.

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