DC Comics Universe & Hawkman #18 Spoilers & Review: Batman Who Laugh’s Infected Secret Six Member Sky Tyrant Is Closer To Carter Hall Than You Think! Plus A BIG Return!


DC Comics Universe and Hawkman #18 Spoilers and Review: follows.

Batman Who Laugh’s Infected Secret Six Member Sky Tyrant Is…

…Closer To Carter Hall Than You Think! Plus A BIG Return!

As revealed earlier, the Sky Tyrant is from Earth 3 the world of the Crime Syndicate.

That makes the Sky Tyrant a past life of Carter Hall Hawkman an expanded lineage established in this new run…

…Hawkmen across the multiverse and on other planets in this universe.

However, looks the modern day Carter Hall remains a presence; a conscious for this evil Hawkman perhaps like an antibody fighting the dark multiverse infection of the Batman Who Laughs that triggered the return the of Sky Tyrant.

Sky Tyrant goes off to make his mark on this Earth…

…by downing a passenger plane, but…

…Carter Hall seems to have some control over his body, now manifested as Sky Tyrant, proving the mind over matter adage.

He seemingly stops the Tyrant and looks like he’ll have some help going forward by…

…Shayera Thal the Thangarian Hawkwoman.

Sadly, Hawkwoman’s return has been spoiled for months with the cover to December 2019’s Hawkman #19 and…

….January 2020’s Hawkman #20….

…all building to a milestone Hawkman #25 and, sadly, the possible last issue of this low selling series. :( You should be reading this series. It’s been really good up until and now and the current issue takes things up a few notches. The expanded past lives of Hawkmen has been a cool additive to his story particularly Catar-Ol of Kryton and now Sky Tyrant of Earth 3.

The Pulse:

An intriguing issue that makes Hawkman the most compelling on the Secret Six so far. Decent art. 8 out of 10.

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