DC Comics Universe & Doomsday Clock #12 Spoilers: The Fate Of The Watchmen Revealed!

DC Comics Universe and Doomsday Clock #12 Spoilers follows.

The Fate Of The Watchmen Revealed!

This on top of the robust review with spoilers from earlier here that saw HUGE changes to the metaverse / multiverse, Justice Society of America (JSA), Legion of Super-Heroes (LOSH), an Earth 1985 and more.

Here’s a classic Who’s Who of the Minutemen and…

…the Watchmen they became.

Now onto Doomsday Clock #12.

Ozymandias is shot by the Comedian.

The Comedian is “shot” by Lex Luthor who sends him back to when he was plucked from his timeline / world; so he dies as he should per the Watchmen series.

The new Rorschach makes sure that Ozymandias doesn’t bleed to death so he can pay for his crimes.

New Watchmen Mime and Marionette and their unborn daughter will remain on the core DC Metaverse / Multiverse Earth 0; their son though will remain on the Watchmen Earth as will the rest of the Watchmen.

Then we get more on why Nathanial Dusk actor Carver Coleman is important to reality and Dr. Manhattan.

Mime and Marionette adjust to their new Earth as Superman embraces his now alive human adoptive parents.

It appears then that we pivot to the Watchmen Earth.

Doctor Manhattan appears to divest himself of his powers; sacrificing his existence?

However, it seems his reborn as a child with the mark of Dr. Manhattan, with the first name of Superman’s alter ego, Clark, to be…

…raised by the retired Watchmen Nite-Owl and Silk Spectre.

We end with a quote relevant to that new child…

…plus the Hollywood Walk of Fame star of deceased actor Carver Coleman.

I still having trouble reconciling (1) this new metaverse and the now infinite multiverse and (2) the whole Carver Coleman subplot, but those are for sleuthing and unpacking on another day.

However, I do welcome your attempts at clarity on those two points!

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