DC Comics Universe & Supergirl #37 Spoilers & Review: Infected Secret Six’s Kara Zor-El Vs. Batman & Superman As Batman Who Laughs Schemes!

DC Comics Universe and Supergirl #37 Spoilers and Review follows.

Infected Secret Six’s Kara Zor-El Vs. Batman and Superman…

…As Batman Who Laughs Schemes!

We open with a monologue where Supergirl introduces herself to readers…

…the new Supergirl that is.

She saves kids in school bus accident and wants to exact vengeance on the driver when her cousin Superman interjects.

Superman is joined by Batman who…

…Supergirl uses as a distraction.

Superman saves Batman as…

…the book ends with an infected Supergirl confronted by her infector the Batman Who Laughs!

The Pulse:

The story was humanizing, despite Supergirl’s infection, but it is difficult for me to be engaged in a fight scene that has taken a two months and that I’ve read other aspects of the recent Superman Annual and recent issues of the Batman/Superman series. The art in this issue was ok. 6 out of 10.

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