Marvel Comics Universe & Iron Man 2020 #2 Spoilers & Review: Arno Stark Vs. Tony Stark As iWolverine Or Weapon.Exe Error Fixed?!

Marvel Comics Universe and Iron Man 2020 #2 Spoilers and Review follows.

Arno Stark Vs. Tony Stark As…

…iWolverine Or Weapon.Exe Error Fixed?!

HERBIE is back as part of the Robot Revolution and he/it has a potty mouth!

Arno Stark aka Iron Man 2020 breaks up the shenanigans…

…causing HERBIE and the robots…

…to flee.

Elsewhere, it appears Demon in a Bottle is being used a beard by Iron Man Mark One; he believes the real Tony Stark is dead and he’s been unknowingly played the role of him for years. He/it is also the leader of the Robot Rebellion.

Later, turns out that Arno Stark and his company have developed a patch fix to end the Robot Rebellion.

Tony Stark Mark One has a plan to basically foil this fix…

…however, Arno Stark is one step ahead and…

…things do not go according to plan to Stark and co.

We also have the Marvel 2020 checklist that originally referred to an iWolverine series then it became Weapon.Exe then the iWolverine cover was released confirming who we though he/it was and now the below seems to be on the iWolverine path. Weapon.exe RIP?

The Pulse:

A fast-paced issue with intriguing plot and character moments. Ok art. 7 out of 10.

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