DC Comics Universe & Legion Of Super-Heroes #5 Spoilers & Review: Superboy Sees DC’s Generation Two (Not DC 5G), 1980s New Teen Titans, 1990s Justice League & Multiversity In LOSH Secret Origin!

DC Comics Universe and Legion Of Super-Heroes #5 Spoilers and Review follows.

Superboy Sees DC’s Generation Two (Not DC 5G), 1980s New Teen Titans, 1990s Justice League and Multiversity…

…In LOSH Secret Origin!

As a reminder, DC Comics announced six “generation” one-shots starting with Free Comic Book Day 2020 (FCBD 2020) Generation Zero: Gods Among Us…

…culminating with Generation Five: Age of Tomorrow; is this last one the LOSH era or something earlier? Time will tell.

The book opens with Computo catching readers up on this series’ consequential goings-on up to this issue.

The LOSH are under arrest, but…

…Brainiac convinces the police to stand down as they won’t or can’t win this battle.

We then pivot to Superboy continuing to learn the secret origin of the Legion of Super-Heroes.

It includes a female alien R.J. Brander convincing the United Planets that super-heroes in…

…the vein of the 1980s New Teen Titans and 1990s Justice League is what the future needs.

As part of Superboy learnings we learn that Brande wanted Cosmic Boy, Saturn Girl and lightning Lad to the threesome a new Legion of Super-Heroes is built upon or around.

They are open to this and…

…Sgt. Blok joins the team.

Then Brainiac 5…

…whose knowledge of the universe troubles him.

It appears the Age of Heroes is the lynchpin era for all of time, multiversity and more; well there is no Age of Heroes as part of DC’s Generation project, but there is Generation Two: Age of Metahumans. Effectively, the Silver Age of DC Comics. However, there is a reference to the era disappearing that “could” refer to Doomsday Clock.

Or it could be a reference to the fact that the only “named” Age of Heroes is the defunct DC’s New Age of Heroes that sprung from Dark Nights: Metal and ended with the exception of the Terrifics; its likely not that era.

The book ends with Brainiac 5 believing they need Superboy to help them and then…

…we pivot back the future era where Superboy grapples with he has learned, but danger greets the team!

The Pulse:

An action-packed, but dense history unraveling for Superboy and readers about how this LOSH was formed. A bit wordy, but illuminating. Great art. 7 out of 10.

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