DC Comics Universe & Young Justice #16 Spoilers & Review: Harley Quinn Then, Now & Forever? Bart Allen Impulse / Kid Flash / Flash Mystery Revealed?!

DC Comics Universe and Young Justice #16 Spoilers and Review follows.

Harley Quinn Then, Now and Forever?

Bart Allen Impulse / Kid Flash / Flash Mystery Revealed?!

After demystifying Conner Kent Superboy’s complex historical mystery last month (full spoilers here), Bart Allen Impulse gets the same treatment this month.

Bart Allen has been dealing with hypometabolism his whole life; he’s been effectively a teenager since the chronological age of two.

If readers remember he was also an adult and took on the name and an ongoing series for a short-lived Flash series.

The Flash: The Fastest Man Alive ran, pun intended, for 13 issues between 2006-2007 and is collect in two tpbs.

Anyhow, back to YJ #16, young Bart Allen had skirmish with Flash rogue Mirror Master which…

…led to Impulse ending up somewhere else; some place that was not the mirror dimension, but a place where he started to untangle from reality!

He escapes by traveling into a…

…future of dead Young Justice members; dying as teenagers apparently.

Under the strain of it all he collapses and…

…wakes up in a future Arkham Asylum led by Dr. Harley Quinn!

His hypometabolism works for him this time and…

…allows him to escape to the present.

Tim Drake formerly Robin and Red Robin and now just Drake, was listening to Bart Allen regale Conner Kent with his travails and the threesome commit to get to the bottom on what’s going on with all of them; that will involve the Justice League!

Next up is Young Justice #17 which is out on August 5, 2020.

The Pulse:

Great art, but some Superboy fighting monsters filler before we get to what was promised on the cover; namely demystifying Impulse’s history. It is a convoluted adventure through time, but the story does try to also get inside Bart Allen to see what makes him tick. An entertaining issue with up’s and down’s in quality story-wise. 6 out of 10.

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