DC Comics Universe & Action Comics #1024 Spoilers & Review: Superman, Superboy (x 2), Supergirl & More Grapple With Murder As Invisible Mafia Makes Power Play!

DC Comics Universe and Action Comics #1024 Spoilers and Review follows.

Superman, Superboy (x 2), Supergirl and More Grapple With Murder…

…As Invisible Mafia Makes Power Play!

We open with readers getting caught up on what’s been going on in Action Comics thus far through Whisper briefing Marisol Leone the head of the Invisible Mafia and owner of the Daily Planet.

Later in the issue, Superman finds the remains of Fire Chief Melody Moore who readers know was killed by the Red Cloud aka Robinson Goode.

Superman mourns in Supergirl’s arms.

The rest of the Superman Family – Superboy Conner Kent of Young Justice and Superboy Jon Kent of the Legion of Super-Heroes – with Brainiac 5 of the LOSH meet up with them and the requisite introductions happen with Supergirl.

Now they are on the hunt for Marisol Leone…

…they first find her employee…

…Whisper as…

…she and Red Cloud get prepared to take down the Superman Family.

The Pulse:

Superman Family is pretty dark in 2020, but they’ve been impacted by dark events like those in this issue. An ok story with ok art. 5 out of 10.

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