Marvel Comics Universe & Iron Man #1 Spoilers & Review: Focusing On The Fundamentals As Bottled Lightning Singes Vintage Mustache!

Marvel Comics Universe and Iron Man #1 Spoilers and Review follows.

Focusing On The Fundamentals As Bottled Lightning Singes Vintage Mustache!

In addition to the above, the books has a few more variant covers.

Plus the main cover.

Partying and flirting Tony Stark aka Iron Man, favoring a mustache instead of a goatee, is with Patricia Walker aka Hellcat…

…when scientist Fuller Tielhard stops him to pitch him about lighting capture; Stark is intrigued, but non-committal.

Tony and Patricia whisk themselves away where…

…he shows her his new yet vintage Iron Man armor.

They agree to leave the party and…

…go cruising as Iron Man and Hellcat; Stark is weak-in-the-knees for redheads it seems.

They encounter a classic aka vintage villain in Unicorn.

A battle ensues, and Unicorn gets his licks in on both heroes, but he’s downed and his stolen Gutenberg Bible is retrieved.

Iron Man is somehow electrocuted via the bible it would seem as…

…it is revealed that scientist Fuller Tielhard is behind these recent events?!

And, that fellow is likely Michael Korvac who was teased in Marvel Comics #1000 and #1001 as well as included in the solicits for Iron Man #2 and #3. Marvel’s December 2020 solicitations spoilers are expected to include Iron Man #4 with Korvac’s role, if any, TBC.

The classic 1978 Avengers tale Korvac Saga has been collected a few times and is available for intrigued fans’ purchase.

A pretty powerful and vintage villain is back!

The Pulse:

A pretty accessible issue with a very slow start, but once it picks up its really engaging. Hellcat needs a new costume and Tony Stark needs to go back to a goatee despite all the “vintage” references in the issue. Solid art nonetheless. 7.5 out of 10.

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