WWE Raw 9/28/20 – Drew’s Open Challenge

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The legends that Orton took out come out with full intros – Show looks so much better with the shaved off beard. He looks a decade younger at least. Drew is brought out by HBK which really helps him come off as THE GUY before Drew talks about how brutal their match was. They did finally find a way to make an ambulance match stip pay off with a definitive winner. Randy tells them to enjoy this moment because it isn’t over until he says so. They’re going to go through HELL. Dun dun dun. Drew says that he’s going to issue an open challenge to anyone he hasn’t faced for the title. Vega and Asuka bicker backstage before their match. Zelina takes her down and goes for a moonsault, but Asuka gets the knees up and the Asuka lock ends it.

Backstage, HBK and the other legends play poker. Andrade comes out and cuts a promo before facing Keith Lee, who essentially squashes him. Andrade gets a shotgun dropkick to the back and the shotgun knees – and no one does them better, but a spirit bomb ends it. MVP and Shelton eat backstage before a guy takes Lashley’s seat. And Lashley wants his plate of food too. Ew dude, there’s a pandemic going on and they share food on the plate. Truth recaps Tozawa being eaten by a shark before a ninja gives Truth a letter saying that if he’s reading this, Tozawa was eaten by a shark and he’ll make his sensei Kung Funaki proud. Now that’s a gimmick that meant NOTHING in its time, lasted almost no time, but has gotten a surprising amount of mileage as a callout on TV. Tozawa returns as a ninja and beats Truth. BUT ANOTHER NINJA BEATS HIM and unmasks as Drew Gulak before Truth takes him out and wins it back.

King’s Court time with the Mysterio Family has Aaliyah talks about Seth being bad and a fraud. Murphy shows up on-screen and Aaliyah leaves and Murphy mans up to Seth before Dom beats up Murphy. Mandy and Dana Brooke are now a team apparently to face Lana and Nattie. Mandy takes out Lana with a V trigger to end it. Aleister Black rambles about cruelty from his father and other men who are cruel – including Kevin Owens being a cruel man who has no doubt taught his son bad lessons. Aleister gets a new theme and verbiage for it saying his name. Aleister in the long tights is a nice look and he gets a pump knee for two after getting knees up on a moonsault. The ref gets nudged by Black and warns him and then Black accidentally hits him while he slugs KO in the rope for a DQ and then Kevin hits a stunner anyway. So Black basically lost twice and KO looks like he just beat a jobber.

Gulak vs. Tozawa vs. Truth for the title has them applying double team variants of regular moves to Truth. Truth hits an AA on Drew onto Tozawa to win. Backstage, Mandy and Dana say they’ll be watching to see who wins the tag title match because they want them. Dom warms up a bit backstage and his gear looks fantastic already. Murphy tosses Dom around ringside before Dom gets an edge and gets a kendo stick before Aaliyah begs him to stop. A DISTRACTION SCHOOLBOY GIVES MURPHY THE WIN. Dom sticks him and Aaliyah begs him to stop and she slaps him. Well, he is being a prick.

Dolph meets with I guess the GM of all shows Adam Pearce and says he wants to be in the open challenge, but Pearce brought up losing and Dolph has an idea. The Hurt Business cuts a promo on all the losers they’ve beaten up before Crews, Ricochet, and Ali get beaten up before their match before the Retribution tron hits and…we go to a break before they come back and plug Takeover and we just have the match. Shelton has Crews locked in a mid-match chinlock because of course. Ali hits a 450 on MVP to win. ALI CAN AT LEAST BEAT MVP. Thank God.

The legends play more poker and we get a Bianca Belair video of her as a female Mr. Perfect. We get a Retribution video package and Drew comes out for the open challenge. Bobby Roode returns with his theme and they brawl with Roode taking an inverted Alabama slam from the announce desk to the apron. Roode works on the leg and gets a figure four but Drew escapes and gets the headbutt. Drew lands Future Shock for 2 and Dolph takes the bullet for Roode with a big boot on the apron. The Glorious DDT gets 2 before a claymore ends it. A janitor, or maybe ninja is backstage and is revealed to be Orton – who puts on night vision goggles to beat up the legends in the dark in the Legends Lounge. I like the white and gold logo for that and that color scheme would be nice for a WWE Legends Title to just have for Saudi shows. Randy puts his hoodie back on after leaving the room and legends are down!