WWE Raw 1/28/21 Recap – Asuka vs. Alexa

A Martin Luther King Jr. video airs to start the broadcast off in a classy manner. And then we get a goofy Orton promo with him in a Destroyer-esque mask as he says all of these goofy platitudes and says he doesn’t blame Alexa, he blames The Fiend! He does all of this WHILE WATCHING CLIPS WITH GRAPHICS ON THEM, which is just strange. Then we get a recap of him in Rumbles, including winning in 2009 before he lights a match. Ric and Lacey are backstage and Lacey says she’s learning from Ric before Charlotte faces Peyton Royce. Instead of a short squash to re-eastablish Charlotte, we get an overly-long match that Charlotte wins with the figure 8. 

Riddle mocks Lashley, who then stomps on his foot and then Riddle says he’ll see that foot up his ass later. The Lucha House Party helps him and Riddle says he’ll tape it up. Xavier Woods comes out to job to another member of Retribution, now it’s Mace – the former Dio Madden. Mace wins with a Time Bomb 2, but drops him early and wins anyway. Ali tells Kofi to get well soon. The WM hype video airs before Alexa chats with Asuka in the playground. Asuka dances and Alexa tells her to stop. Alexa gets angry at the voices in her head and Asuka tries to calm her down. 

Miz and Morrison are annoying backstage hyping up the Dirt Sheet with Goldberg before Mandy comes out and we get Nia and Shayna chatting as humans do. Drew vs. Goldberg is hyped up by Jeff Jarrett, who manages to get TNA and AAA logos and posters on WWE Raw TV thanks to his room. He says Goldberg will win because he can be as good once as he ever was. Shayna faces Mandy, and works over her arm before tapping her with the Kirafuda clutch. Dana dropkicks Nia into Shayna into the post. Nia and Shayna bicker and leave. Charlotte says that Lacey can wear Ric’s robe, but she can never wear her crown. AJ buries Ricochet and tells Pearce that he doesn’t even have his dignity anymore.  AJ faces Ricochet in a solid little match. AJ hits a lariat mid-air on a quabrada from Ricochet and a brainbuster gets 2. AJ wants the forearm, but a mid-air Recoils hits! AJ slings him into the rope and then pops him into a Styles clash to win it! 

Asuka-Alexa recap leads to the Dirt Sheet with them bringing out Gillberg and then a fat guy comes out dressed as Drew and we get some horrible comedy for way too long. The Lucha House Party and Riddle face the Hurt Business with Lashley taking out Metalik with a spear and a Hurt Lock. Hardy’s feud with Elias and Ryker is showing with Elias telling Ryker to beat some sense into Hardy. Drew talks about how WWE has something for everyone, with lions and clowns and he’ll take out Miz and Morrison soon enough. Ryker and Elias argue when Ryker faces Hardy to a no contest, but Ryker takes out Hardy with a black hole slam. Asuka faces Alexa in a short, nothing match that Alexa wins by no-selling shots and then  landing a right hook and a Sister Abigail to win.

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