WWE Raw 2/8/21 – Orton vs. Drew

The show starts off with a tribute graphic for Butch Reed – who had a career-great run in Mid-South Wrestling and in WCW as a part of Doom, and his WWF run was fine overall. Shane McMahon returns and announces the Elimination Chamber for the WWE Title as Drew vs. Miz vs. AJ vs. Sheamus vs. vs. Orton vs. Hardy before AJ comes out and says he’ll win before Jeff comes out to face him. Drew talks to Shane and says he wanted to face Sheamus, and Shane says they’ll do that at some point while someone shuts off a loud engine in the background. AJ and Jeff have a perfectly fine TV version of a match they’d have in TNA with more restholds. Jeff continues his streak of losing as he eats a calf crusher and we get a recap of Riddle tapping last week. Riddle talks to Keith Lee about his Air Bud marathon before Keith cuts this bizarre expository promo about Riddle and the Hurt Business while Riddle compares himself to Air Bud. 

Sheamus talks to Pearce about WWE officials being against him – but he’ll leave everyone broken. T-Bar and Slapjack face New Day with Woods as a face in peril against T-Bar until Kofi comes in and runs wild. Daybreak hits Slapjack and Ali gets stared down as his team loses. Is it too much to ask for this story to move forward somewhat? Ric Flair comes out with Lacey in an all-time great shiny suit and he knows Charlotte doesn’t need him – and Lacey is out to get Charlotte’s title. Lacey says she treats him with respect and that’s more than anyone can say about Charlotte. Well, in-canon, that is accurate. Charlotte interrupts her and Lacey says that they should be a team. Lacey says that Ric heard that if she beats Charlotte, she’ll get a title shot – and Ric has THE most awkward face possible for this. 

Lacey and Charlotte have a slow, plodding match with Lacey trying to do…what they call a figure four, but she gets shoved off. Charlotte spears her and runs wild in the corner before getting DQed. Charlotte stares Ric down and he helps Lacey up. Edge comes out and talks about WM before Miz interrupts him. Well, there goes Edge’s streak of great promos. Morrizon and Garza are with Miz and this is a massive step up for Garza. Edge says that he thinks different than Miz and he isn’t content with being awesome – that was him 20 years and he needs to be champion for himself. 

Damien Priest faces Garza, who is distracted by Bad Bunny and Priest wins with the Cross Rhodes. Drew says that he’ll make it to Elimination Chamber no matter what – even if Orton has broken his jaw before and Miz out and about. Bianca cuts a promo with Asuka, who seemingly looks forward to facing her. We get another recap of Riddle losing to Lashley before he faces Keith Lee and loses to a Spirit bomb after a Rampage bomb counter to a triangle. Riddle gets destroyed AGAIN WITH A FULL NELSON. Lashley then destroys Keith Lee too. Randy says that Drew took the title from him – but he’ll get it back. 

Nia faces Lana in a table match that has a couple of highlights. The video package of Nia’s table destruction before and then Nia missing an apron legdrop and yelling “MY HOLE!” afterwards. Lana shoves her through a table at ringside to win. Shayna and Naomi brawl leading to a match that Naomi wins with a small package. Riddle vs. Lee vs. Lashley is made for the US Title at the Chamber because…sure why not. Randy and Drew have the beginnings of a match until Sheamus comes out for a DQ and eats a claymore. Other than the Nia Jax bit, this was a pretty nothing show.

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