WWE Raw 1/22/21 Recap – Lashley vs. Braun

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 Raw chamber and Miz’s title win are recapped to start things off. Miz says when he started 16 years ago, everyone thought he’d be gone in a month and now he’s WWE Champion. He says he’s outlasted Batista and Cena and they DON’T MEASURE UP TO HIM. HHH, Show, Lashley, Bryan, and even Edge aren’t as great as he is. MVP says that last night, they agreed that Morrison would lose to Lashley and he’d set up Miz for the title – and Lashley is owed a title shot first. Lashley and MVP give Miz AN HOUR to get to his senses. Riddle chats with LHP and chats about his big win in Warzone and they’re talking about the US Title. He names the belt’s eagle Travis and then segways away. Okay then. 

Recap airs of Riddle’s win. Riddle gets a triangle/armbar and Morrison gets the ropes before Morrison hits a tornillo. Apron kickfest from both guys and an apron PK and floating bro hit for Riddle. Bro Derek ends it – so hey, at least Riddle is better than someone. Rhea Ripley hype video for her Raw debut soon. Bad Bunny SNL stuff airs with them hyping up the 24/7 Title stuff. Truth shows up and says he didn’t want the title – but he just wants an autograph, and he doesn’t have his Bugs Bunny shirt or marker! Miz complains about Lashley to Adam Pearce and Pearce says he needs to take on all comers. 

New Days comes out and grinds and is annoying before we get a Punky Brewster plug with the stars on the Thunderdome. T-BAR and Mace are out. Kofi takes a massive ass kicking until hitting the trouble in paradise for the win. Ali is pissed at being the leader of a group of losers. Lashley, Miz, and Pearce are out for more talking. Miz says he needs more time because HE NEEDS TO GIVE THIS TITLE THE MATCH IT DESERVES. Braun comes down because I guess he’s on Raw after being on SD. Braun is more “clarified” to get the shot. Sure thing. Shane is out and they say SHANE’S BACK after he already came back. 

Shane buries everyone involved in this and Shane makes Lashley vs. Braun and if he wins, Lashley vs. Braun vs. Miz is up for next week. MVP is on commentary for the LHP vs. Shelton and Cedric tornado tag match. Nice surfboard/dropkick combo by Ced and Shelton. LHP prevents a neuralizer and Shelton almost loses off a double team, but Paydirt wins it. Recap of the Bad Bunny 24/7 Title win last week. Damian Priest is out to face Garza with a far-too-cute intro for his act. Garza works him over after eating corner forearms by grinding away with an armlock. Garza wants the wing clipper, but stares at Bad Bunny and gets distracted for about 25 years before Priest hits a spin kick off the top and Hits the Lights to win it. 

The 24/7 goons attack Priest, which fails and he and Bunny leave. Orton will speak on Alexa next. Randy says he isn’t faimilar with failure – but last week, he lost due to Alexa. He lost last night due to things too – he was distracted. THE FIEND was a problem and he set him on fire. We of course get clips of this as he speaks. He says he’s in limbo and well, he’s not wrong. He isn’t distracted by the Fiend – but by Alexa. He spits up a black liquid, so I guess The Fiend is reincarnated as Papa Shango. 

Charlotte’s out to team with Asuka against Nia and Shayna. Nia works holds for a while with Asuka before Asuka comes back. Asuka cradles Shayna for 2 before Charlotte tags in to stomp a mudhole in her. Charlotte goes for a rana, but Nia nails a stacked powerbomb for 2. Charlotte gets the figure 4, but Nia breaks it up. Asuka runs wild and gets 2 off a hip attack to Nia. Asuka eats a boot from Charlotte accidentally and Nia legdrops her for the win. Charlotte walks away disgusted – I’m sure she’s  somehow the face in this. 

Jeff Hardy’s out to face Sheamus in a match after their endless rivalry last year. Sheamus kicks his ass for a bit before Jeff mounts a comeback and sends him outside for a step-assisted Poetry in Motion on the barricade. Irish Curse combo to Jeff. Jeff recovers and gets a whisper in the wind. Sheamus hits a jumping knee and the brogue kick ends it – this was good. Charlotte buries Ric for thinking Lacey’s baby is his and she blames him for her losses. “You see a lot of potential in a lot of blondes” is the best line she’s ever had. Ric calls her an all-time great and she says she loves him, but she needs to be Charlotte Flair. There was the germ of a great promo in this but wow was it all over the place. 

Naomi and Lana face Dana and Mandy, who lose in short order to a double team. AJ vs. Ricochet is up. Back and forth action with Ricochet getting 2, but eating a knee and the clash ends it quickly. Omos hits a tree slam on Ricochet to further cement Ricochet’s descent. Braun and Lashley come out at 10:53 before Miz comes out and Lashley vs. Braun starts with a tieup. Great move – play to Braun’s strengths. Lashley and Braun duke it out and fight to the floor. They go mid-ring and Braun hits a powerslam for 2, goes for another, but gets countered and he eats the All Mighty spinebuster. Lashley hits a rope to rope spear and wins it before Miz comes in and eats a spear. Lashley poses on the buckle with the belt. Good stuff to make Lashley seem like the most dominant threat in the company.