DC Comics & The Joker #2 Spoilers & Review: Commissioner Gordon Knows More About Batman Than He Lets On?! Plus Bane’s Vengeance, Punchline & Bluebird!

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DC Comics and The Joker #2 Spoilers & Review follows.

Commissioner Gordon Knows More About Batman Than He Lets On?! Plus Bane’s Vengeance, Punchline and Bluebird!

The book has a few more variant covers on top of the above.

Plus the main cover.

The book opens on Santa Prisca and culminates in…

…debut of Bane’s daughter Vengeance who will seek vengeance against the Joker over her dad’s death.

We then see former GCPD Police Commissioner James Gordon, the protagonist of this Joker series, meet…

…Batman to tell him all that happened last issue and his investigation into the whereabouts of the Joker post Joker War.

He wants to work with Batman and his allies, in part, to have them identify who the woman is that wants to hire him to find the Joker dead or alive.

He also wants access to the Batcave’s computer to help in his investigation.

He also wants an easier way to track down and contact Batman; that culminates with Batman connecting Gordon to Oracle who he knows is his daughter Barbara!

They meet later and have some long chats that wrap up some loose threads from the end of Barbara’s Batgirl series; she then give her dad a loaded smartphone with intel and a way to communicate with her and Batman.

We finally see Joker in his tropical paradise where he is deal with a local official named Desmond…

…who seemingly will help the Joker recruit henchmen?

We start wrapping up with the family who wants to track the Joker down to have him over for supper quite literally.

Finally, that woman that hired Gordon, is a member of the Court of Owls!

The back-up features Punchline in prison and Bluebird outside of prison.

The Pulse:

An engaging core Joker story with a not as compelling, but somewhat intriguing Punchline related back-up. Not much of Joker or Punchline in the issue and more talking heads than usual, but in decompressed storytelling this is still the set-up stage. Intriguing new characters though. Decent art. 7 out of 10.

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