Marvel Comics & Children Of The Atom #2 Spoilers & Review: In The Crosshairs Of The X-Men & Avengers Whether They Are Mutants Or Not!

Marvel Comics and Children Of The Atom #2 Spoilers and Review follows.

In The Crosshairs Of…

…The X-Men and Avengers…

…Whether They Are Mutants Or Not!

We have a storyline catch-up, dramatis personae and creators credits page all rolled into one for efficiency.

The Avengers have come to Krakoa to speak with Professor X Charles Xavier, but are “greeted” my Mystique and Multiple Man.

They want to discuss the seemingly teen mutants that have caught the attention of media and the government due to the current legislation barring children from vigilantism.

Storm joins the conversation and has a terse response for Captain America; as the Avengers leave she asks Mystique to track down the Children of the Atom.

We find them fighting a posse of female mutants…

…leading to a prolonged battled and demonstrated heroism by the team, but especially Cherub.

Storm breaks up the fight offering sanctuary on Krakoa to the female mutants…

…while the Children of the Atom decline the invitation.

Cerebro cannot detect them and hasn’t scanned them yet, but they remain welcome on Krakoa when they are ready.

The book ends with the Children of the Atom attempting to travel to Krakoa again; will they be denied again?

The Pulse:

Another compelling issue with action. characterization and intrigue all rendered beautifully by the art team. 8 out of 10.

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