Mike Tyson Joins Chris Jericho’s Inner Circle On AEW Dynamite April 14, 2021! Recap & Spoilers!

Mike Tyson Joins Chris Jericho’s Inner Circle On AEW Dynamite April 14, 2021! Recap and Spoilers!

Looks like Iron Mike Tyson will sticking around AEW for a while as a member of the Inner Circle.

Will he play a big role in that faction’s war with MJF’s Pinnacle stable?

Here is the AEW recap of this week’s episode of Dynamite related to Tyson.

Earlier in the day, “Iron” Mike Tyson attempted to film an introduction for DYNAMITE to say how excited he was to be the special ringside enforcer tonight, but he was interrupted by MJF!

“Brother, I’m not asking you to cheat tonight, I’m just asking you to be on the right side of history. The last thing I want is for you to look back on tonight and have any regrets,” said MJF, who then proceeded to insult Tyson’s face tattoo. MJF then tried to bribe “Iron” Mike with a blank check. Tyson grabbed the blank check and tore it to pieces. MJF walked away in disgust…

…Alex Marvez interviewed the Inner Circle along with “Iron” Mike Tyson backstage.

Jericho said after their beatdown from the hands of the Pinnacle a few weeks ago, they decided to change their ways. Jericho said he called Tyson to apologize. Jericho said that Tyson was there tonight because he offered to have their backs. Jericho said he expected Tyson to call it right down the middle and didn’t expect any special favors.

“Hey, listen, Chris, I’m firm but fair, so let the best man win. I have respect for you, I’m happy to call you a friend, but I’m not gonna take any sides. If you mess up, there’s a possibility you’re gonna get knocked out again. I don’t want that to happen. Best of luck, my friend,” said Tyson…

…Dax Harwood (with Cash Wheeler) vs. “Demo God” Chris Jericho (with Sammy Guevara), with special ringside enforcer “Iron” Mike Tyson!

All other Inner Circle and Pinnacle members are barred from ringside!

Ref Aubrey Edwards ejected Tully Blanchard before the match began.

Jericho and Harwood slugged it out until Jericho dropped “the Ax” with a right shot! Jericho grabbed a steel chair on the outside but Tyson unarmed him. As Tyson pulled the chair out of Jericho’s hands, Dax Harwood hit Jericho with a cheap shot. Harwood grabbed Jericho’s baseball bat but Tyson pulled it away.

“Mike’s being impartial,” said Jim Ross.

Jericho and Harwood brawled on the outside. They returned to the ring and Dax got the upper hand with chops and a shoulder block on Jericho. Dax fish hooked Jericho. Aubrey Edwards pulled Dax away and Jericho used the opportunity to follow up with a lariat on Dax.

Jericho body slammed Harwood on the arena floor. Jericho got thrown shoulder-first into the steel post by Harwood. Back in the ring, Jericho used a diving cross body press off the top rope for a near fall on Harwood! Jericho was shut down after a clothesline from Dax Harwood. They traded chops and Jericho hit a shoulder tackle on Harwood, and then a second tackle. Jericho followed up with a double ax handle off the top rope, and then a classic lionsault!

Dax used a rebound powerbomb on Jericho for a two-count! Harwood tried for a diving headbutt but Jericho moved! Jericho applied the lion tamer in the dead center of the ring. Cash climbed up and connected with a cheap shot! Sammy ran over to even up the odds by taking down Cash! Harwood avoided a Judas Effect from Jericho and countered with a brainbuster!

Jericho used a Code Breaker on Dax but he couldn’t follow up. MJF and The Pinnacle stormed onto the ramp but the Inner Circle followed them out and all hell broke loose! Cash Wheeler grabbed Jericho’s baseball bat but “Iron” Mike Tyson wouldn’t allow him to interfere in the match! Wheeler wound up the bat but before he could swing it, Tyson rocked Wheeler with a fist of fury! Jericho nailed Harwood with the Judas Effect and got the victory!

After the match, Jericho made “Iron” Mike Tyson an ancillary member of the Inner Circle…

This is all building to a Blood and Guts match between the Inner Circle and the Pinnacle on May 5, 2021.

An interesting few weeks ahead for this storyline.

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