Murtz Jaffer Interviews Big Brother Canada 9’s Jedson Tavernier

Immediately after he was evicted from the Big Brother Canada 9 house, I had the chance to catch up with Jedson Tavernier to discuss what happened. We discussed what happened in his Battleback competition against Tera and what he would have done if he had gotten the chance to return the house. Jed openly describes if he would have rejoined The Sauce or tried to go after them after being betrayed. We talk about his feelings for Beth and if they were genuine or just part of his strategy and Jed tells me who he would have taken to the F2 if he had to choose between Ty and Beth. The latest player to be eliminated from the game also tells me what he thought about the Trapdoor plan that was put in effect to take him out of the game. We talked about his regrets in the game and he discusses his decision to keep Kiefer in the house (after initially nominating him) and why he chose to use his veto on someone that voted to eliminate him.

Check out the video above!

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