DC Comics & Nightwing #79 Spoilers & Review: Dick Grayson Finally Realizes Potential, But Who Is The Heartless Horror Harvesting Blüdhaven?!

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DC Comics and Nightwing #79 Spoilers and Review follows.

Dick Grayson Finally Realizes Potential, But…

…Who Is The Heartless Horror…

…Harvesting Blüdhaven?!

The book opens with some nice reflection by Nightwing…

….on his history as Robin, as a Teen Titan and more.

Dick Grayson continues to be coupled, perhaps just as long-time friends, with ex-girlfriend Barbara Gordon despite being coupled quite literally with Starfire in the Teen Titans Academy series.

We see a nice new pizza joint in Blüdhaven owned and managed by the iconic creators of the Nightwing persona for DC Comics during their classic New Teen Titans run.

New billionaire Dick Grayson, due to Alfred Pennyworth’s will, is trying sort out what’s next for him as he always felt Batman should have done more as Bruce Wayne.

So, he feeds the hungry in Blüdhaven…

…where he’s pickpocketed to the amusement of the Batman Family group chat.

A Heartless villain strikes to literally steal a heart.

Nightwing hunts down the kid pickpocketer, but lets them keep it and…

…realizes he wants to use his wealth as Blüdhaven “safety net”.

The book ends with teasing more Heartless horror.

The Pulse:

The story was compelling focusing on both Dick Grayson and his alter ego. A lot of relatable and humanizing moments. Art is excellent and conveys the emotions of the story. Really well done. 9 out of 10.

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