DC Comics Writer Joshua Williams Teases Justice League Incarnate #1 Spoilers Plus Preview!

DC Comics Writer Joshua Williams Teases Justice League Incarnate #1 Spoilers Plus Preview!

The Beat reports.

Well, Avery [Ho – China’s Flash], you know, when you’re doing a team book, you need to have a character who is a point-of-view character, right, who is new to this. And we made it so that, in Barry’s emergency plan, he basically told President Superman, ‘If anything happens to me, you get Avery.

I want Avery to do this particular role.’ So a lot of her story is about, why me, because [Barry] could have gone to Wallace, he could’ve gone to Wally, he could’ve gone to Jay, why did he pick Avery to be his person to replace him on Justice League Incarnate?

Why was it like, ‘if there’s a problem, go get Avery?’ And so a part of her story is that, like, ‘Why me?’ And she’s never experienced anything on that scale before. She’s been involved in big stuff, she was involved in “Perfect Storm” in Flash and she did a lot of stuff in New Super-Man. But she’s never been on something of this multiversal level. And so I want to have her kind of be the new point-of-view character.

With Doctor Multiverse, she’s an analog for somebody else, because she’s from Earth-8. She’s an analog for a Marvel character. I don’t want to say who it is yet. I think people, once they see her, they’re gonna be like, ‘Oh, that’s who that is.’..

…She has multiversal powers. She has multi-vision. She’s great, she’s a really interesting character. And I think people will, once you start reading, be like, ‘Oh, I know who this is.’ And then you’ll see all their roles.

My hope is that they stay after that story is over, once we get to the end of this. I was actually just working on my plans and my thoughts of what I would want to do after the whole three acts are over, after the trilogy is over. I know what I want to do after, and I want [Doctor Multiverse] to stay around.

…Earth-13, it’s the Justice League Dark world where John Constantine’s a superhero. He’s literally called The Hellblazer, and he has a red cape. It’s the world that Jared Stephens Fate is from. They go to that world in [issue] 2, there’s a couple other worlds they go to throughout the book, and then eventually they’ll make their way to Earth-7…

Justice League Incarnate #1 (of 6) lands in stores this week on November 30, 2021.

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