DC Comics & Teen Titans Academy #8 Spoilers & Review: Red X Forces Flash Wally West To Relive Heroes In Crisis Tragedy!

DC Comics and Teen Titans Academy #8 Spoilers and Review follows.

Red X Forces Flash Wally West To…

…Relive Heroes In Crisis Tragedy!

Looks like Wally West’s two children may be joining the Teen Titans Academy soon.

During the issue, Raven has a glimpse of the future with student Dane breaking bad?

Also, the faculty and team have no time to ponder this as…

…Red X is back and uses the academy’s holosuite to revisit Heroes in Crisis where Wally West by accident killed long-time friend Roy Harper.

Well, Red X is not a hologram and…

…he’s threatened the students, faculty and Wally West himself.

Flash takes the innocents out of Titans Tower to…

…enable the team’s battle against Red X.

However, Red X continues to the have the upper hand and he escapes.

The book begins to end with the team discussing their twin problems of Red X and the dark future that Raven glimpsed as…

…Roy Harper returns to Titans Tower!

The Pulse:

A bit of mixed issue with the book focusing less on the new heroes and more on the classic ones with the exception of Red X. The art was not wholly to my liking; it didn’t seem to feel right for the book, but most particularly the Red X scenes. 5.5 out of 10.

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