DVD Review: Sesame Street – Potty Time Plus!

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When you become a new parent, you’re a diaper changing machine. A baby doesn’t do too many things. They stink as Bridge partners. They can’t be a designated driver. Babies are horrible at trivia night. They have a limited skill set. The one thing they do amazingly well is filling diapers. All day long they seem to need to be changed. You’ll change a few thousand diapers in those early years. Diapers aren’t cheap. At some point it seems like you can get the kid to go from diapers to using the toilet. But this transition can be extremely messy and frustrating. As parent who has dealt with this time, anything that can help the kid realize why it’s important to not dirty up their new underpants is appreciated. Sesame Street Potty Time Plus! Getting Ready With Elmo is a great help for young kids who admire the little red monster.

The main Potty program (48 minutes) starts with Elmo and his father flashing back to when he was younger and just learning how to use the toilet. The duo doesn’t make it sound too easy, but they emphasis the reward of being able sit and do your business. “Potty Town” is a song you’ll be singing more than the kid. The program does a lot to reenforce the importance of ditching the diapers. The Muppets and humans discuss the advantages of using the toilet and not waiting for a grown up to change your diaper. This is good stuff for when your kid thinks leaving the diaper is a bad thing. You’ll be grasping for inspirational elements to get your kid to not stain the carpet.

The second program on the DVD is about daily routines (78 minutes) a kid needs to embrace. This includes “Brand New Day Song, “C Is For Cooking,” “Play Time,” “Rubber Duckie,” “Getting Ready” and “B is for Bedtime.” The segments from Sesame Street deal with all those things that a kid does every day from waking up to a new day to getting ready for bed. “C Is For Cooking” has Stephan & Ayesha Curry hanging out with Cookie Monster, Grover and Elmo. Rubber Ducky is an all-star singing sensation joining Ernie. This includes Bert, Sia, James Cordon and Anthony Mackie. There a plenty of fun songs that can be sung during the daily activities covered here.

If your kids are really into Sesame Street, this program can be extremely helpful in getting cooperation when the potty becomes part of the furniture. They don’t want to let Elmo and the Muppets down. They want to be able to embrace the underwear life. You want to quit having to deal with soiled diapers. This can be a very valuable tool during those early toilet training days. Sesame Street – Potty Time Plus! Getting Ready With Elmo can inspire a small kid to toddle into the bathroom instead of stink up the family room.

Shout! Kids presents Sesame Street – Potty Time Plus! Getting Ready With Elmo. Starring Elmo, Grover, Prairie Dawn, Bert, Cookie Monster and Gordon. Running Time 126 minutes. Rating: Not Rated. Release Date: June 7, 2022.

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