DC Comics Spoilers For Multiversity: Teen Justice #5 & Superman: Space Age #2!


DC Comics Spoilers For Multiversity: Teen Justice #5 and Superman: Space Age #2!

Multiversity: Teen Justice #5 Spoilers follow.

Multiversity: Teen Justice #5

Written by: Danny Lore, Ivan Cohen
Art by: Luciano Vecchio

One of Earth-11’s bravest and boldest heroes makes the ultimate sacrifice to save one of their allies in Teen Justice! But can even that selfless choice turn the tide against the Core, whose plans involve the wholesale slaughter of tens of thousands of people? And what will survivor’s guilt do to the teen champion who didn’t want to be saved at such a heartbreaking cost? There’s only one issue left, but we’re not slowing down on the way to the finish line!

Following the cosmic cliffhanger from issue #3 and the more emotional cliffhanger from issue #4 we embark on this series’ penultimate issue.

We open in Central Park, NYC, on Earth 11.

The Green Lantern Core’s evil plans have been stumbled upon by a kid.

The kid is chase by the Core, who want to keep their plans under wraps, with the kid running into Teen Justice.

Elsewhere, at the Flash Museum, Kid Quick struggles with their identity on the super-hero front.

However, Professor Quick may hold the answer.

At the same time, a battle also rages between the Green Lantern Core and Teen Justice.

The new and improved, well costume’d at least, Kid Quick joins the fray to try turn the tide in their team’s favor.

Teammates also find love and healing in the midst of battle.

It is short-lived as Raven sacrifices himself to say Troy and others.

Next up is the series finale in Multiversity: Teen Justice #6.

Multiversity: Teen Justice #6
(W) Ivan Cohen, Danny Lore (A) Marco Failla (CA) Robbi Rodriguez

The epic miniseries reaches its unforgettable conclusion as a new hero makes their unexpected debut! The heroes of Teen Justice are still reeling from the loss they suffered last issue, but there’s no time to mourn. Sinestra and the other members of the Core have a plan to use all humanity as fuel for their monstrous schemes, and only Kid Quick and the surviving members of their team stand in the way. In the end, everything may depend on the super-heroic debut of…well, that would be telling.

SRP: $3.99

It arrives on shelves November 8, 2022.

Superman: Space Age #2 Spoilers follow.

Superman: Space Age #2
(W) Mark Russell (A/CA) Mike Allred

Superman has arrived and he’s out of sight! Right? The world may love him, but the citizens of Metropolis are growing skeptical as the cities around them suffer without the help of the Man of Steel. The world doesn’t need saving as much as it needs changing, and Superman and his super friends in the Justice League seem unqualified to save the day the way they once did. Could this be the beginning of the end that Pariah prophesied? Or is it just a sign of the times?

SRP: $9.99

We open in 1974 and Superman is being interviewed by Lois Lane who still doesn’t realize her Daily Planet journalist colleague Clark Kent is also her super-powered interviewee.

While he was hoping to segue into something more personal than professional with Lois Lane, Superman is haunted by her answer to his question to her about what she would do if she were him.

He seeks solace at his Fortress of Solitude and an interactive simulation of his biological father Jor-El of Krypton.

While there is no 1973 graphic, like in previous chapters, to signify a year changing, I believe this is where we switch years; later in the Gotham City storyline we’ll see Bruce Wayne, Batman’s alter ego, reading a newspaper with a June 1973 noted on it.


So, 1973 it is, but Gotham City 1973.

Although, the year can be confusing as Batman is reading a newspaper early in this arc that references U.S. President Richard Nixon a Cambodian bombing. This historically kicked off in 1969 and in 1970, depending on which bombing we’re talking about, but the prolonged bombing campaign took place until August 1973.

The bombings are an interesting background for the story as Bruce Wayne is no longer CEO of Wayne Enterprises, but legitimate Arms Dealer Maxwell Lord now is.

Based on the opening narrative of the Justice League scene at the Hall of Justice, it does sound like this scene takes place after the Cambodian Bombings ended.

For those thinking the narrative may refer to the Vietnam War that ended on April 30, 1975 after almost 30 years (and we’re not at 1975 yet in the Superman: Space Age story yet).

Tension remains between the World’s Finest as we get an interlude on a parallel Earth 832654-Z (as this takes place before the Crisis on Infinite Earths in 1985) here, here and here, where readers get to know the motivations of Brainiac, who can travel from Earth to Earth, and that world’s Superman.

Well Brainiac continues to make his way to this Earth, with Superman insisting they should prepare for his arrival. Later during an interview with Lois Lane, Superman explains the destruction of Krypton, his origin, and that Kryptonite is fatal to him. She is leery of publishing that last part, but Superman insists its important to build trust between them and between him and the world.

Clark Kent and Lois Lane meet up at the local bar, where Pariah has gone before and is seen leaving this time, as Lois and Clark talk about misogyny in the workplace after Clark was disgusted by a colleague’s outburst about Lois and stood up to him.

The two colleagues take their relationship from professional to personal in a very public way.

Then we pivot back to Gotham City and that newspaper I noted before that indicates its June 8, 1973.

Bruce Wayne knows that Maxwell Lord is seeing to the arson attacks in Gotham City so that Wayne Enterprises can gobble these properties on the cheap.

An annual fundraiser at Wayne Manor is the backdrop for Batman, with Alfred dressed as him, but masked, as a way to let Maxwell Lord that he knows what he’s doing.

For every property Batman thinks Lord orchestrated the firebombing of, he’ll destroy an asset of Lord’s and Wayne Enterprises.

That also includes Wayne Manor it would appear.

Then we move to Metropolis 1974 and the wedding of Lois Lane and Clark Kent.

Then we move to 1975 at the Fortress of Solitiude.

Lois and Clark have a child and are engaging with Superman’s biological father AI (as Lois knows Clark is Superman and has for some time).

Jor-El senses the coming pf Brainiac and warns his family.

He actually meets with the Justice League instead of attacking them.

Hell them about the Anti-Monitor and a coming crisis.

Brainiac wants to strip Earth of its resources so that it can salvaged and used by him instead of being wasted with the Anti-Monitor’s presumed destruction of Earth.

Brainiac doesn’t care about Earth’s inhabitants, but the Justice League does, and a battle ensues.

It is an intense battle that Brainiac believes is an above average defense of their planet.

The Justice Leagues does repel Brainiac, but at a steep cost.

The death of the Hal Jordan Green Lantern.

This Brainiac is also part of a multiverse cabal of Brainiac that we may yet see again.

Book Two ends with Green Lantern being buried and Superman being reunited with his family at the Fortress of Solitude.

Next up is the finale in Superman: Space Age #3.

Superman: Space Age #3
(W) Mark Russell (A/CA) Mike Allred

THE END IS NIGH! As red skies reign, Superman does what he can to make the world a better place for as long as it continues to exist. But money is power in the greed-driven ’80s, and villains like Lex Luthor seem poised to win in the end. Little do they know, there are bigger things to worry about and the hero they’ve grown to hate is their only hope against this crisis! Don’t miss the riveting finale of this soon-to-be-classic miniseries!

SRP: $9.99

It lands in stores on November 22, 2022.

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