Injured NY Giants Stun Philadelphia, Hurt Michael Vick: NFL Week 3 Commentary

NY Giants 29 – Philadelphia Eagles 16


Okay, let’s see what everyone has to say about this game:


Giants Fans lose to the Eagles a lot.  Let them get excited: Did you see my Giants yesterday?! Bradshaw is a beast! Plax who? Sure we gotta clean up the butter fingers a bit, tweak the defense but we held em when it counted n the TDs didn’t hurt…GO GMEN! – Lauren Howe



Even the Pros are hyped, See Dan Hevia –     Lost in the Giants win over the Eagles was the Giants, largely decimated due to injuries, dominating the Eagles. Sure, Vick got hurt, but the Giants still beat Philly after getting spanked by them for years.  And you can read his wrap up here:


You know it’s a big win when even the ever-present Daniels isn’t being sarcastic for once: I -sort of- picked this correctly.  I chose the Giants with the points on most sheets because I expected it to be close.  The Eagles’ dirty little secret is that their linebackers are pretty terrible so teams with great runningbacks are going to look downfield at Nnamdi, shrug, and just run it 30 times.  The Giants also found another trick that works against bad linebackers — send two receivers deep, roll a guy out of the backfield in to the flat, pass it five yards, and watch him run down the field for 20 more.  They did this for two touchdowns before the Eagles figured it out.  The Eagles are still going to beat up their share of teams, but there’s a formula.


My Take:  I’m not a Giants fan, well, besides that their Super Bowl win paid off some college loans, but this was a legitimately huge win.  The Giants were ridiculously banged up and they still managed to bully the Eagles.  Vick is clearly among the most important players in football for his team – they go from decent to excellent depending on how healthy he is/how he plays – but and this is a big one, if the Eagles don’t do something about their linebackers, well, the dream team isn’t making noise in the playoffs, if they even make it.  The Giants are playing great wounded, and as they heel look actually dangerous, while the Redskins are making the most of an easy schedule, and the Cowboys will get better as they get healthy.  Suddenly, this is anyone’s division.  Michael Vick and his injured hand really may need to rush back.

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