New WWE Line-Up Revealed By Mattel
by PK on October 31, 2011

This past Saturday was Ringside Fest in New York City, and the following line-ups have been revealed.

WrestleMania XXVII Elite Series 2
-Triple H (Entrance Outfit)
-John Cena (Red ‘Never Give Up’ Attire)
-Bret Hart (Current, T-Shirt & Jeans)
-Daniel Bryan (with Grey T-Shirt)
-Michael Cole (Collect & Connect Figure)

Elite Series 13
-Sheamus (King Attire; crown, robe & shillelagh)
-Big Show (Headband & T-shirt)
-Rey Mysterio (White/Black Attire, T-shirt & overmask)
-Edge (Flashback, robe & sunglasses)
-Dolph Ziggler (Shinny World Title)
-Cody Rhodes (jacket, mask & paper bags)

Elite Series 14
-The Rock (Windpants)
-John Cena (Red ‘Never Give Up’ attire)
-King Booker (Flashback, cape, crown & scepter)
-The Undertaker (Entrance Robe)
-Big Bossman (Flashback, Original Blue attire, handcuffs & nightstick)
-Alberto Del Rio (Shinny WWE Title & Red MITB case) *NOT SHOWN

Basic Superstars Wave 2 (Royal Rumble Heritage)
-Bret Hart
-Shawn Michaels
-John Morrison
-Rey Mysterio
-Alberto Del Rio

Basic Superstars Wave 3
-John Cena
-Brodus Clay
-KOfi Kingston
-Wade Barrett

Basic Superstars Wave 4 (WrestleMania Heritage)
-Ultimate Warrior
-The Undertaker
-John Cena
-Eddie Guerrero
-Jack Swagger
-Triple H

Battle 2-Packs Wave 2
-Heath Slater & Justin Gabriel (w/ Tag Team Titles)
-Mason Ryan & Randy Orton
-Randy Savage & CM Punk (w/ Classic Winged WWE Title)

For images of the Mattel display, head over to

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