Green Lantern Spoilers: Which Lanterns Return From The Abyss?
by Grey Scherl on February 5, 2013

The Green Lantern Corps Annual was a bit of a surprise for me this week, as I hadn’t expected it to be much and didn’t even really glance at the cover until Sunday before the game. For some reason my brain completely tuned out the magnitude of the issue. So I read it, and man, so much stuff happened to effect all four Lantern titles that it almost made me want to read Red Lanterns again. Almost.

Now, what really was of note to me were the familiar faces making their returns for the first time in quite a bit.

GLC Annual 1-014

Now, Isamot and Hannu have been around, but Vath Sarn? Princess Iolande? Soranik “Sinestro is my daddy” Natu? The closest any of them had to an appearance in the New 52 before this issue was Sora being on the cover for Green Lantern Corps #1. So this is a welcome group of returns, Tomasi’s regular stable of Lanterns from his previous run with the Corps. It’s kinda like going home again.

But they weren’t the only returns in this issue, as someone much…bigger came back as well. John Stewart finally found the last piece of Mogo and followed as it set off to reunite with the rest, when Mogo’s gravity sucked in both John and Fatality.

GLC Annual 1-010

The Guardians, controlling little bastards that they are, sent the Third Army in to make sure things went their way. They forget one crucial detail though, another little thing to slip beneath their notice.

GLC Annual 1-015

That Mogo is a badass.

GLC Annual 1-016

And Mogo is back!

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