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WWE Monday Night Raw 06/20/2016 Fallout (John Laurinaitis, Baron Corbin Doesn’t Care, Chris Jericho Remembers Brand Extension Draft)


Check out the best Raw Fallout videos from Monday Night Raw June 20, 2016!

John Laurinaitis is excited for his future in WWE: Raw Fallout, June 20, 2016

The former GM of Raw and SmackDown discusses his return to Raw and hopes to become GM again.

It’s all about the money for Baron Corbin: Raw Fallout, June 20, 2016

Baron Corbin doesn’t care if he goes to Raw or SmackDown as long as he’s paid big money.

Chris Jericho recounts his WWE Draft experience & a “new world” opening up on July 19: June 20, 2016

Chris Jericho comments on SmackDown going live on Tuesday, July 19, and how the WWE Brand Extension Draft will affect every Superstar on the roster.

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