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Wednesday Comments – JSA vs. Kobra vs. The New 52

2009? Yeah, I’m a little behind on some of my reading. »»

Wednesday Comments – Cyborg: One Step Forward…

On the surface Vic Stone came out pretty well with The New 52, but.... »»

Wednesday Comments – Spider-(di)Verse

Recently it was announced that Sony and Marvel Studios will jointly produce Spider-Man films going forward. »»

Wednesday Comments – Five DC Comics Books That Make Me Wish It Was June

It’s been a pretty big week for comic book announcements. But for me the biggest news was that DC’s going to have a batch of new #1s in June. »»

Wednesday Comments – I Hate John Stewart’s New Origin

How much fun would a Secret Origins issue that focused on three Justice League villains? Or even an issue devoted to the female supporting characters in Batman Eternal. »»

Wednesday Comments – Jaime Reyes, Watch Your Back!

Being a super hero can be a tough gig. »»

Wednesday Comments – An Artistic Question

That got me thinking; would I rather read a book with a consistent artist, no matter how long it takes between issues or would I rather have a regular shipping schedule with fill in or alternating artists? »»

Wednesday Comments – New Year’s Resolutions 2015

Since the New Year is still pretty fresh I figured I’d take the time to jot down some of my comic book related resolutions. »»

Wednesday Comments – Books I Hope DC Launches in June

Happy New Year! Since it’s a new year, I figured I’d start off on an optimistic note. We know that DC is cancelling 13 titles in a few months time, with the assumption that some new books will be launched in June, post Convergence. So I though »»

Wednesday Comments – DC Drops The Axe

By now I’m sure everyone has heard about relatively large number of titles that are ending just before Convergence begins. Thirteen titles are ending in March. A baker’s dozen. That’s kind of a big deal. Of the thirteen books getting ax »»

Wednesday Comments - Two Lingering Green Lantern Questions

Curious about the current state of the GLC? Me too! »»

Wednesday Comments - My Marvel Reads

The word's been out for awhile, but I've decided to devote this week's column to some Marvel books that recently got the axe. I don't read that many Marvel books. I honestly can't get support an additional universe of titles. I'm probably buyin »»

Wednesday Comments – Praisin' Grayson

I guess you could call me a long-time Nightwing fan. »»

Wednesday Comments – The Backlog

It’s nearly daunting how far behind I am with comics... »»

Wednesday Comments – Movie Madness

Sorry for having taken some time off. Two weeks ago, I was still recuperating from NYCC (it took a bit out of me) and last week I had something else that I was working on. But I'm back. And fortunately there's a ton of comic stuff to talk about. »»

NYCC Women of Marvel Panel

Moderator: Jeanine Schaefer Sana Amanat (Editor), Katie Kubert (Editor), Ellie Pyle (Associate Editor), Emily Shaw (Assistant Editor), Judy Stephens (, Ari Cowan (Social Media Manager), Kelly Sue DcConnick (Captain Marvel), Marguerite B »»

NYCC: DC Batman 75th Anniversary Panel

Moderator: John Cunningham In attendance: Geoff Johns, Kevin Conroy, Neal Adams, Greg Capullo, Scott Snyder, Jim Lee This panel was really a celebration of all things Batman. Cunningham started off by asking the panel who their favorite Batm »»

NYCC DC Comics – Women of DC Entertainment

Moderator: Amanda Salmons In Attendance: Shelly Bond (Vertigo Executive Editor), Bobbie Chase (Editorial Director, DC Comics), Marguerite Bennett (Earth 2: World's End), Meredith Finch (Wonder Woman), Becky Cloonan (Gotham Academy), Amanda Conner »»

NYCC DC Comics – Green Lantern: Godhead Begins!

Recounting the Green Lantern panel from NYCC »»

NYCC Skybound's The Walking Dead Panel

Mathan was on the scene for The Walking Dead panel at NYCC »»

Wednesday Comments – NYCC Is Here!

Mathan gives us a run down of his personal wishlist for his trip to NYCC this year. »»

Wednesday Comments – Close To Getting Dropped

I've got a decent sized pull list. Actually it's probably too big. I'm positive that I get too many comics. But they make me happy and I enjoy reading them. That said, there are some books that are teetering close to getting dropped. Sometim »»

Wednesday Comments – My Thoughts on Gotham

So, the latest tv program based on a comic book property debuted on Monday. Gotham had a huge push from it's inception. There was a bidding war for the pilot, which Fox won by offering a series commitment. Also, it's show centered on Batman mytho »»

Wednesday Comments – Five Other Vertigo Books That Should Be Shows

So, by now everyone should be aware that a television series based on the Vertigo title Lucifer is in development at Fox. It joins other DC properties Preacher, DMZ, Supergirl and Titans in development, with Gotham, Constantine and The Flash ready t »»

Wednesday Comments - The Curse of September With DC Comics' The New 52 Futures End & More

It’s September so you know what that means; DC Comics has special issues of all of their regular monthly titles. »»

Wednesday Comments – More Comic Book Pilots

Pilot season continues... »»

Wednesday Comments - Showing Image Comics Some Love

Image publishes a dozen ongoing books, in addition to several miniseries, that I read on a regular basis. And I just don’t show those books nearly enough love... until today! »»

Wednesday Comments – DC Comics Has Zero Faith In Shazam

Now that SDCC has wrapped up, we can take a good look at things and assess as we decompress. »»

Wednesday Comments – Six Dream DC Comics New 52 Titles

This week I’m offering up some titles that DC can use to bolster their shelf real estate. »»

Wednesday Comments - Good News For DC Comics? Can You Guess For What: New 52's Grayson, Lobo or Batgirl?

DC finally made a creative decision that’s been met with universal praise. »»

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