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Wednesday Comments – Miracleman & Censorship

Marvel assured everyone that we’d be getting uncut Marvelman. And I believed them. Then Miracleman #4 was released. »»

Wednesday Comments – Five Former DC Leads Who Need A Second Chance

Since you can only publish so many books a month, naturally some characters will get pushed to the side. Well, I’ve got five characters who actually starred in their own books, that I feel deserve a second shot in the New 52. »»

Wednesday Comments – On Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. and Captain America: The Winter Soldier

Synergies for the latest Marvel movie & core TV show... »»

Wednesday Comments – The Routine

I’m a regular comic reader. Except for the last month. You see for the last month I’ve been out of town and haven’t been to my local comic shop. I’m pretty completely out of the loop when it comes to comics. And I’m totally fine with th »»

Wednesday Comments – Fix Channel 52

If you read comic books for long enough you witness change. Sure, the characters don’t change all that much; Superman is always the Man of Steel and Batman is always the Dark Knight Detective. But there are changes that occur. Sometimes you »»

Wednesday Comments – TV Pilots for Preacher, Hourman, The Flash, Gotham, iZombie, DMZ and Constantine

DC Comics has seven different properties that are in development during this TV pilot season. That’s good news right? »»

Wednesday Comments – Wonder Woman Needs A Movie or TV Show

Poor Wonder Woman. Yeah, she's one of the most recognizable characters in pop culture. But on the downside she can’t get a tv or a movie off the ground. »»

Wednesday Comments – After Stephanie and Wally; Who Should Return Next?

For some reason I’ve decided to undertake a pretty challenging endeavor... »»

Wednesday Comments - Grading Green Lanterns

This should be a great time to be a Green Lantern fan. There are five Green Lantern related books on the market, with Hal, Guy, John and Kyle all starring in their own titles. Green Lantern is a genuine franchise and it’s never been stronger. »»

Wednesday Comments – New Year Resolutions

Since it’s the New Year, I figured that I’d jot down some quick comic related resolutions. »»

Wednesday Comments – Looking Ahead

At the start I want to point out that I totally called Talon ending, two months ago. I could tell just by the tone and phrasing during NYCC that the book was wrapping up. I intuited it. I got it right. Hooray for me! Now onto the column prop »»

Wednesday Comments – I'm Finally Reading Preacher & Sandman

Last week I wrote about sampling new Vertigo titles. Well, I’m also currently reading some older Vertigo books as well, namely Sandman and Preacher. I know, I know; those two books are two of most well regarded comic series ever, not just fro »»

Wednesday Comments – Hinterkind, FBP & Coffin Hill

Howdy! I hope everyone had a safe and happy Thanksgiving. I like to try out new Vertigo books. I do this for a couple reasons. First off, I’m a comic fan, so it’s sort of in my blood. I also do this because I’m curious what Vertigo has »»

Wednesday Comments - My Disappointment With Green Lantern Corps #25

I was looking forward to Green Lantern Corps #25. As a guy who digs John Stewart I was pretty excited to read a story about John in some solo action. »»

Wednesday Comments – Marvel’s Miracleman

How marvelous is Miracleman? »»

Wednesday Comments – The Folly of CW’s Hourman

Today news broke that CW is developing a television series based on Hourman. At first I was way excited. I mean I dig the concept of Hourman and I dig him as a hero. And I absolutely loved the Peyer/Morales series, like loved to the point I’m al »»

Wednesday Comments – DC Comics is Moving to Cali?!

I move to NYC & DC Comics moves to Cali... »»

Wednesday Comments – The Impressions Scott Snyder and Charles Soule Made

Even though it’s been done for over a week, I’m still processing my experience at NYCC. It was a long four days that was packed with, well, pretty much everything you can imagine from a comic con. There were a ton of experiences I had at t »»

Wednesday Comments – NYCC: The Aftermath

One man's stories from the frontlines of NYCC 2013 »»

NYCC 2013: The Walking Dead 10th Anniversary Panel Report On Season 4 AMC Premiere Night!

Mathan shares the undead news from NYCC's The Walking Dead »»

NYCC 2013: Green Lantern Lights Out Panel & The Challenge Of Following In Geoff Johns Footsteps

Comics Nexus correspondent sheds an NYCC light on DC's Green Lantern titles »»

NYCC 2013: DC All Access Panel With Lots of Batman, Nightwing & Vertigo News

Comics Nexus' man at NYCC Mathan dishes in DC All Access Panel »»

Wednesday Comments - #NYCC

So, by the time you read this, the New York Comic Con will be less than 24 hours away. Even bigger news; I’ll be going. And I’ll readily admit that I’m feeling kind of excited. It’s not like it’ll be my first Con. I’ve been to the Balt »»

Wednesday Comments – Breaking Down Villains Month

I know it might not feel like it, with the way the GOP is behaving, but Villains Month is actually over. Let’s assess things, shall we? There was some grumbling before the event about how regular creative teams wouldn’t be working familiar tit »»

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