Demythify: Top 5 On Who Is Earth 3's Crime Syndicate Prisoner From Trinity War Finale & More Forever Evil #1 Spoilers?

A big mystery for Forever Evil plus those snazzy variant covers for issue #1 unveiled... »»

Demythify: Batman & Robin #10 Reveal Last Puzzle Pieces of Batman's Robins New 52 Relationships

Wow. The New 52 has one ballsy 10 year old as Batman's current sidekick! »»

DC Comics Relaunch: Suicide Squad #3, Deathstroke #3 & Stormwatch #3 New 52 Reviews (Harley Quinn)

Three intriguing & controversial New 52 books under the spotlight! Plus, Babos steps head-first into the phony Harley Quinn 'net debate. Will you be satisified or enraged? Read on... »»

10 Thoughts on DC's Solicits for 1/12/11 Comics Releases

10 thoughts on this weeks DC releases »»

Superman/Shazam!: The Return of Black Adam - DVD Review

Four Awesome DC Animation Shorts that will blow your mind! »»

Great Brave and the Bold Clip!

Starring Catwoman, Huntress, Black Canary, and a lot of innuendo. »»

Batman: The Brave and the Bold returns this week!

Brave and the Bold is back....FINALLY!! »»

Batman: The Brave and the Bold Video Game Launch Trailer

From, Batman: The Brave and the Bold has a pretty cool launch trailer! I love the show, and beat-em-up's are always potentially fun. Batman: The Brave and the Bold should be out for the Wii and DS on September 7, 2010. »»

SDCC: Batman: The Brave and the Bold Only Getting 3 Seasons

You know what they say, Jean Luc...all good things must come to an end. »»

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