Black Eyed Peas Release Video Game

The Black Eyed Peas talked about their new videogame, "The Experience", at the launch party this past Monday.  Released on November 8, the game allows you to play along with the dance moves of the group on Wii or Xbox 360.  30 songs are included, a »»

Josh Duhamel Thinks Fergie Will Be a Great Mom

Well, he's biased. Digital Spy reports that "Josh Duhamel has claimed that both he and Black Eyed Peas star wife Fergie would make excellent parents. "People claims that Duhamel took the role of Eric Messer in new romantic comedy Life As We Know I »»

Bad Movies Done Right - Poseidon

Poseidon is a film that achieves everything it set out to accomplish. Unfortunately, the film set its goals pretty damn low. »»

Fergie Doesn't Want to Have Kids

Yeah, gotta stay focused on making crappy pop dance music. »»

Nine - Review

Rob Marshall chooses style over substance »»


Apparently not happy with just fouling up the hip-hop genre, Lil Wayne has set his sights on making crap music in another genre as well, as he's reportedly creating a "rock" album. And you'll never guess who is blame for all of this. Nope, not Lil Jon, believe it or not... »»

A Moment's All I Ask - 9.12.08

The top story of the VMAs this year was Britney Spears, and only for the right reasons this time. She is back in her healthy form, looking balanced and happy, and I'm honestly thrilled that she's back. She swept the awards after not winning in the past and I hope this is a sign of good things to come. ... »»

A Moment's All I Ask - 4.10.08

Since I last wrote, the cruise ship singer (and I'm not talking about Danny), Ramiele, has been voted off and this week, we're in Idol overload. The saddest part of all? Kristy Lee Cook is fairing the best of the women right now! How in the hell did that happen?! I don't even want to recap "Inspirational" night, so let's get to the "star-studded" Idol Gives Back. »»

MGF Reviews Kylie Minogue - X

Kylie Minogue - X Capitol Records (4/01/08) Dance-pop / Hi-NRG Kylie Minogue's dedication to the gay and dance music communities, which are not exclusive to one another, has been a long, satisfying relationship. X is her tenth studio album in her 21-year singing career, and one amazing aspect about this record—which will turn some people on and turn some people off—is that she rarely sounds like herself on any of the songs. "2 Hearts" has a very Marilyn-Monroe-meets-"Fever" sex appeal to it, while "Like a Drug" sounds like Britney Spears for the first twenty seconds or so before the more familiar styling in the voice comes out and we're back to realizing this is a Kylie Minogue record. I think if the track had a heavier remix, it could be a hit for Kylie; in its original form, however, it wouldn't be a strong choice as a single. "In My Arms" has what I would want more from Kylie—that classic-disco-meets-pop approach that makes her memorable. One of the album's standout tracks, "Speakerphone", doesn't sound much like Kylie, and whenever I've heard it in the past I think I'd misidentified it in my brain as either Britney Spears or Janet Jackson. However, this would be a strong, strong single for Kylie, while "Sensitized" has some Serge Gainsbourg sampling following it nicely, and complements "Speakerphone" well. "Heart Beat Rock" channels Fergie and Janet at the same time, and it isn't until over a minute into the song that it's obvious that this could be a huge hit for Kylie, and this track would be another good choice to receive the remix treatment. »»

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