Rapper 2 Chainz Arrested At The Airport

Rapper 2 Chainz was arrested at LaGuardia Airport for allegedly carrying brass knuckles in his bag.  According to a hip hop website, however, the alleged weapon was merely a giant piece of bling.  2 Chainz is up-and-coming rapper reportedly signed »»

Kanye West Renames Theraflu To Way Too Cold

Presumably due to pressure from the Theraflu company, Kanye West has changed the name of controversial song "Theraflu" to "Way Too Cold."  Kanye's management has called it a creative decision, making no mention of the objections from Theraflu.  It »»

Barack Obama Officially Declares Kanye West To Be A Jackass

It's official:  Barack Obama thinks Kanye West is a jackass.  In an interview with Atlantic Monthly magazine, the president was asked to choose between Jay-Z or Kanye, and picked Jay-Z because Kanye is a jackass.  This marks the second time that O »»

Kanye West Annoys PETA & Theraflu

Kanye West has made a powerful new enemy thanks to his music:  The makers of the cold medication Theraflu.  In his new song by the same name, Kanye raps that he's so cold to his haters that they'll need Theraflu to recover, which the medication com »»

Kanye West Bans Critics From His Fashion Show

Haters ain't gonna hate on Kanye's upscale Paris fashion show, apparently.  The rapper turned designer apparently was feeling defensive about the critical drubbing that he took for his first collection, and so has decided to ban fashion critics from »»

Lana Del Rey To Appear On SNL

Independent music sensation Lana Del Rey will appear on Saturday Night Live in January of 2012.  The show will be hosted by Daniel Radcliffe, and it will mark the national TV debut for the internet phenom.  Although her debut CD, "Born To Die", isn »»

Jay-Z To Make More Music In 2012

We should all have retirements like Jay-Z's.  He is reportedly considering another solo release next year, as well as a followup to his collaboration with Kanye West.  Before the initial release of Watch The Throne last year, Jay-Z had already hin »»

Adele, Kanye West Lead Grammy Nominations

Kanye West led the Grammy nominations with 7 total, although Adele is close behind him.  Adele is nominated in the most major categories, including Record of the Year and Album of the Year.  Foo Fighters are also in the running with 6.  The awards »»

Amber Rose Talks About Kanye West's Apology, Speaks Out About Whether She Caused Kardashian Split

Amber Rose spoke out on The Wendy Williams Show about her relationship with Kanye West and whether she felt responsible for splitting Kim Kardashian up with Reggie Bush. "You know, he kind of said that he was, well didn't kinda, he said it, that h »»

Kanye West Announces New Album On Twitter

Kanye West teased a new collaboration with members of his GOOD Music label, via Twitter.  He posted "GOODMUSIC.THE ALBUM.SPRING2012," after a month of silence online, and will now presumably go back to making an ass of himself as usual. »»

Chris Brown, Beyonce Lead Soul Train Awards

Chris Brown and Beyonce lead the nomination list for the upcoming Soul Train Awards.  Each artist has five nominations, as does Kanye West.  The awards will be taped on November 17 and shown on BET 10 days later. »»

Trailer for Beats, Rhymes & Life: The Travels of a Tribe Called Quest Debuts

Actor and onetime Rock 'n' Jock Softball superstar makes his directorial debut »»

PSN PS3 Store Weekly Update: LittleBigPlanet Sackboy's Prehistoric Moves, Alien Breed 2, Sports Champions DLC & More

Here are the items now available for download on the PS3 on PSP. Downloadable Games Alien Breed 2: Assault ($9.99) Alien Breed 2: Assault is an explosive science fiction arcade-shooter with an epic story, swarms of highly intelligent alien ene »»

The SmarK DVD Rant - The Cleveland Show, Season One

Scott Keith tackles the Family Guy spinoff »»

Chelsea Handler Talks VMA Plans, Tries to Be Funny

Chelsea Handler let's everyone know what body part she'll be showing off. »»

Host Chelsea Handler Wants to Bring Kanye West and Taylor Swift Together at VMA's

It's no secret that Chelsea Handler likes it when people talk about Chelsea Handler. Her latest idea (admittedly a pretty good one) is sure to create a buzz. "Speaking to Ryan Seacrest on his KISS-FM radio show Thursday, Handler previewed her emceein »»

MGF Presents My Top 21 of the 21st (So Far…)

It’s nutty. This was the first decade where I was an adult through the entire thing, thus it’s the first decade where I’ve really been able to have an opinion about the “best of the decade” topics. It’s a weird feeling; it’s excitement coupled with obligation. ... »»

MGF Presents My Top 21 of the 21st (So Far...)

The title track led the charge, giving us a cathartic feeling of hope that these men and women who sacrificed their lives to try and save others, that their deaths weren’t in vain. This song is so epic, so important and so meaningful even today... well, it’s not coincidence President Obama used it as a campaign song. It’s the number one song of the 21st century, and we’re all the better for it. ... »»

MGF Presents My Top 21 of the 21st (So Far...)

Each of these albums (or songs) from the past ten years, I can listen to right now and be satisfied. Here’s why... »»


Nominees for the 52nd Annual Grammy Awards were announced Wednesday night. The broadcast will take place Jan. 31, 2010, at the Staples Center in Los Angeles. Here is a shortened list of nominees from the major categories... »»


Determined to shed a public image chock-full of hardcore street drugs, public drunkenness and late-night brawling, Amy Winehouse was out and about in London on Monday night, looking slightly classier than usual, thanks to some $60,000 breast implants and a malfunctioning corset. ... »»

More Reasons Why Being Deaf Sucks/Rocks: Roc-A-Falter

As much as I want to remember Roc-A-Fella in its prime, anytime I hear the name I just think about how ugly things got over the years. I think about Kanye planting that knife in Dame's back. I think about Dame being petty and not giving Jay what he wanted. I think about Jay letting nonsense overshadow friendship. ... »»


While you might have heard Leona Lewis' BLOCKBUSTER hit "Bleeding Love" so many times last year that you wanted to punch yourself in the head until it stopped playing over and over again your brain, some guy in London just did you one better. ... »»

More Reasons Why Being Deaf Sucks/Rocks - Remixing Revenue

I love Illmatic. I think it's a classic album. But I'd also love to hear what beats Kanye would put to those vocals. For that matter, I'd be curious to hear what Madlib, Danger Mouse, 9th Wonder, Just Blaze, Primo or Pete Rock would do. ... »»

More Reasons Why Being Deaf Sucks/Rocks - Snapshot

As far as I can piece together, I made this mixtape specifically because I was going up to Lafayette for my Spring Break '98 (it was great having cousins in PA when I was in MD). I'm pretty sure I made it for the long bus ride. Anyway, it's a dope little snapshot into me from 11 years ago. ... »»

MGF Reviews Amy Serrata - Amy Serrata

What is to be said about an artist as unique as Amy Serrata? She is defining herself with her art and refusing to be anyone’s doll. Her music is inimitable, with an undertone of sassiness and light-heartedness. Her inspirational self-titled debut will ascend your spirits... »»

More Reasons Why Being Deaf Sucks/Rocks - Happy Mother's Day!

Since Mother's Day is right around the corner, I thought I'd dedicate this week's column to some of my favorite songs about moms and motherhood. 2Pac - "Dear Mama" Yeah, I know, I'm an outspoken critic of the guy and I openly hate on him every chance I get. But I'm willing to give the guy his due right now, as "Dear Mama" is the business. It's my favorite Pac song and the one song that keeps me from crapping him completely. It's a touching tribute to his mom and just a classic "mom" song. »»

More Reasons Why Being Deaf Sucks/Rocks - Emi-No Mas

I couldn't even tell you why I picked up Encore. Instinct? Hope for a return to form and a creative renaissance? Who knows. But I do have the album, and looking at it right now, I couldn't name a single song that I really enjoyed on it. ... »»

More Reasons Why Being Deaf Sucks/Rocks - Hip Hop's Art Garfunkel

I'll never forget it; it was late August 2001. That's when I became a committed fan of Roc-A-Fella Records, right after hearing the bootleg of The Blueprint. The beats sounded like the evolution of the sound that was introduced on Jay-Z's previous album The Dynasty: Roc La Familia—it was a soulful throwback, sample-heavy yet modern. And it sounded like nothing else. Flash-forward eight years... Kanye West, one of the architects of that sound, is a huge star. Just Blaze is the Art Garfunkel to West's Paul Simon and it's a shame because the guy is just as talented behind the boards. »»

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