No Leona Lewis Until 2012

Leona Lewis' new album Glassheart was set to debut this November, but it has now been pushed back to be released in early 2012. The delay is due to Leona being so inspired that she wants to keep recording new material for the album. Hopefully the wai »»


While you might have heard Leona Lewis' BLOCKBUSTER hit "Bleeding Love" so many times last year that you wanted to punch yourself in the head until it stopped playing over and over again your brain, some guy in London just did you one better. ... »»


You just can't make this stuff up, folks. Just weeks after Madonna was dumped from a horse (not surprisingly, even a horse can't stand to be around her), the equines continue to revolt, this time leaving singer Leona Lewis in their path of destruction. ... »»

A Moment's All I Ask - 9.12.08

The top story of the VMAs this year was Britney Spears, and only for the right reasons this time. She is back in her healthy form, looking balanced and happy, and I'm honestly thrilled that she's back. She swept the awards after not winning in the past and I hope this is a sign of good things to come. ... »»

MGF Reviews Leona Lewis - Spirit

By now, you've heard the comparisons to Whitney and Mariah, and as Leona Lewis soars as the newest pop diva of 2008, I think those comparisons are justifiable. Plus, Lewis could be working towards a first-name basis with America, now, as the heavy promotions are paying off. ... »»

A Moment's All I Ask - 4.24.08

I think I want a moment of silence, as my Carly is now off of American Idol, after singing "Jesus Christ Superstar". What the hell, America? We'll talk about who should have gone down in a second, but I'm confident that Carly is going to resurface on the pop/rock scene sooner than later. If the record company that signs her markets her correctly, she could be a great opener for Pink. She went out fiercely, and by the way, she needs to market the "Simon Loves Me" shirt; despite it being the kiss of death, I think she could earn a sizable income of selling it to Idol fans. Now on to the recap of the Broadway... I mean, Andrew Lloyd Webber show: Syesha sang "One Rock 'n' Roll Too Many" and for the first time on this show, was truly in her element. It looks like she has found her niche and personality, and that's on a stage in a production. She looked sexy, acted sassy and did not deserve to be in the bottom two tonight, at all. »»

A Moment's All I Ask - 4.17.08

Mariah Carey, the female leading entertainer that has been in her own category forever, gracefully coached the Idollites this week, where, let's face it, we just wanted to see "hot and workin' it!" Mariah and had zero expectations for anyone to soar. And overall, this week Idol birthed a star in David Cook. David Archuleta, who I'm starting to feel sorry for because in no way did he actually choose to wear leather pants for his "When You Believe" performance, tackled it well as I expected as he would, and he made it cute while being faced with the daring task of starting first. Of course, this meant that throughout the rest of the show, the singers had to raise their game by default since Archuleta is expected to at least be in the top three. And Mariah's not mad at him. My dear Carly Smithson was in serious trouble this week. She has the chops to hold her own, vocally, on the show, yet she has yet to reach for that golden moment, as failing to do so could have really cost her this week. Nothing special about her performance of "Without You", as she wasn't relaxed, and needs to go back to the weeks where she tapped into her relaxed, carefree energy. Right now, just like Simon said, she's overthinking everything. »»

A Moment's All I Ask - 3.21.08

Well, this season's Kellie Pickler (version PicklerLite) survived again on American that means someone decent had to go. And that decent performer was, opinionated Amanda Overmyer. I don't even think I can even recap the horrid that was Beatles Week 2 mostly because, these kids overall are clueless on HOW IMPORTANT THE BEATLES WERE AND ARE! I grew up listening to the Beatles and it should be a musical staple in their careers. The other opinionated one on the show, my favorite of the women, Carly Smithson who tried to explain why she sang "Blackbird" to Simon (who made it clear he hated the song no matter what), was in the bottom three! This was one strange night. »»

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