Just Seen It Movie Review: Men In Black 3 [Video]

An alien criminal kills a Agent K in 1969, altering history and the Agency. So Agent J travels back in time to 1969 to stop the murder. Together with a young Agent K, they fight to save the Agency and the Earth. Starring Will Smith, Tommy Lee Jones a »»

Men in Black 3 - Review (2)

Will Smith Passed on Django for this? One of the more interesting things about Will Smith famously passing on Quentin Tarantino’s Django Unchained a short while back was that it was ostensibly because it would be a departure from his usual so »»

Men in Black 3 - Review

Come for Will Smith, stay for Josh Brolin. »»

TOY FAIR 2012: Men in Black 3

Check out the Men in Black 3 galley from the Jakks showroom at Toy Fair 2012. This new line features 3" scale figures. They include the likeness of the actors from the movie. [gallery=1670] »»

Deal Alert: Free Battle: Los Angeles Movie Ticket Offer from Amazon

Buy a great movie and see an amazing looking science fiction movie for free? Now that's a deal I can get behind. »»

Jones And Smith to Return For MIB 3D

Hey, at least it's not Wild Wild West 2. »»

Agent W Taking Over For Agent K In Next MIB Sequel?

Did you get all that? Alphabet Killer? Hello! »»

Men in Black 3 Gets a Dose of Tropic Thunder

Columbia taps Tropic Thunder scribe Etan Cohen to pen a screenplay for a third Men in Black. »»

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