The Weekly Round-Up #185 with BPRD, Baltimore, Conan, Harbinger, Invincible & More

Best Comic of the Week: BPRD Hell on Earth #108 - The Wasteland arc, with its dark, evocative art from Laurence Campbell is one of the most effective arcs this title has had in years.  We keep being told that the world has gone to pieces, but Mign »»

Wednesday Comments – Marvel #1 Madness!

As I'm sure everyone who is reading this column is well aware of, this past weekend at SXSW Marvel announced that, for a limited time, they were offering up 700 #1 issues for free digitally. Naturally it swept across the Internet like a wildfire a »»

The Weekly Round-Up #161 with Punk Rock Jesus, American Vampire, Fatale, Glory & More

If every new comics day of 2013 could be so filled with quality comics... »»

Open Mike Night: Morbius #1 and New Avengers #1

This week, we take on living vampires and the Illuminati! Sounds like a Dan Brown novel waiting to happen... »»

Two Guys Talking About New Avengers #29 By Brian Bendis and Mike Deodato

AVX, black holes of continuity, telepathic intrusions, and the tangent of DOOM! »»

Two Guys Talking About The Announced Marvel NOW! Creative Teams

Running down everything we know thus far, like only we can. »»

The Weekly Round-Up #125 With Spaceman, The Activity, American Vampire, New Deadwardians & More

What's worth reading from last week? Well, come on in and I'll tell you! »»

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