Stargate Universe Episode 2-20 Review: Gauntlet

I was going to write a long Stargate retrospective, but had no extra time the past few weeks, so I'll try to write one the next episode. And since I have no time this week, this review won't be long either.While "Gauntlet" wasn't intended to be a com »»

Stargate Universe Episode 2-19 Review: Blockade

By now, it's clear that the drones are major, obvious plot devices along the lines of the magic stones. Since the creators are gone and the drones are autonomous, they function however the writers want them to function and they don't need fleshed out »»

Stargate Universe Episode 2-18 Review: Epilogue

Once again, I'm very impressed by Stargate Universe, or at least the concept behind "Epilogue." As the crew sift through the archives and look for supplies, we see interspersed through the episode brief clips of the crew starting from their firs »»

Stargate Universe - Episode 2-17 Review

Despite an opening similarity to a certain Star Trek: DS9 episode, "Common Descent" quickly establishes itself as a unique and interesting episode, ranking near the top of my favorite SGU episodes. Given my general disdain for most episodes, I have t »»

Stargate Universe - Episode 3-16 Review

There's something attractive about an episode like "The Hunt," reminiscent of Syfy's many Saturday monster movies. First off, there is a tangible creature on the prowl which is always a plus, and it's entertaining to see the characters try to retriev »»

Stargate Universe - Episode 2-15 Review

One complaint about Stargate Universe that is most resonant with me is how slow the show can be. Case in point: half of "Seizure" is a boring slog of Rush and Amanda, as they get acquainted in the virtual world before Amanda turns out to have a few too many screws loose. Not only does Rush's plot drag on and on and on with literally nothing happening, it completely besmirches the character of Amanda Perry, and whaddya know, she and Ginn are packed away in the computer, unable to communicate anymore. »»

Stargate Universe - Episode 2-14 Review

After scaling back the magic stones for a good part of the second season, the writers decided to bring back another magical object in full force--the magic chair! Like any self-respecting magical object, the chair is fucking amazing, able to receive »»

Stargate Universe - Episode 2-13 Review

"Alliances" makes the best use of the magic stones thus far, and I wasn't annoyed with them as I normally am. Yes, there was still the same problems--the changing rules that govern the stones and what can and can't happen, allowing for any situation to be manufactured--but the episode nearly scratches a moral dilemma for once, which piqued my curiosity. »»

Stargate Universe - Episode 2-12 Review

I rarely have good things to say about an entire episode of Stargate Universe, but I'll give credit where credit is due: I like like "Twin Destinies." It doesn't try to be too ambitious, remaining largely self-contained and doesn't have huge teases which don't pay off. »»

- Episode 2-11 Review

Stargate Universe actually had a stretch of good episodes (not just relative to the rest of the series but as television in general), so I actually like the show more than I did at the same time last year. That said, I don't expect much for the final 10 episodes since the writers have consistently underperformed. »»

Stargate Universe Cancelled

Syfy cancelled Stargate Universe after consistently getting lower than expected ratings. I can't say I'm surprised or disappointed. There were a few good episodes before the midseason finale, but for the most part, it's been an incredibly frustrating »»

Stargate Universe – Episode 2-10 Review

Stargate Universe has been exceptionally good as of late, and I actually came into to the episode expecting a lot. Well, four good episodes in a row would have been pushing it. "Resurgence (Part 1)," the mid-season finale, brings up a few pertinent question and then is filled with a space battle which ends up going nowhere, not to mention the first half of the episode which moves slower than molasses. »»

Stargate Universe - Episode 2-9 Review

This is unprecedented--three good episodes in a row! The biggest difference between the latest batch of episodes and the first season plus is that there are real consequences and not resets amidst dreary melodrama. »»

Stargate Universe - Episode 2-8 Review

Where is my Stargate Universe and what have you done with it? Two legitimately good episodes in a row!?! This must be one of those parallel universe where Stargate Universe is somehow good. Real stakes, real consequences, real action, real emotion, n »»

Stargate Universe (The Complete First Season) - Blu-ray Review

This show may be the most un-Stargate Stargate series, but that may be why it’s so good. »»

Stargate Universe – Episode 1-20 Review

"Incursion (Part 2)" is a whole lot of boring, uninspired talking and nothing else, tripe compared to most other shows and average for SGU standards. »»

Stargate Universe – Episode 1-19 Review

Reviewing the second half of Stargate Universe has been a weird experience. I know I like more of these episodes than the first half and it's not terrible when I watch through them the first time. Then I rewatch all or part of the episode and it unra »»

Stargate Universe – Episode 1-17 Review

For an episode with lots of plot movement compared to almost all episodes of the series, "Subversion" didn't make much sense and left me frustrated because the initial concept was executed poorly. Again, the stones were the driving force behind the n »»

Stargate Universe – Episode 1-16 Review

We're finally here at the infamous "Gatefail," and I promise I kept an open mind. The most offending plot points people objected to in the script were expunged, but that didn't fix the episode. What remained was wholly contrived and I couldn't stop m »»

Stargate Universe – Episode 1-13 Review

After the successes of "Space" and "Divided," I had great hopes for the second half of the season. "Faith," however, put that idea to a screeching halt. It was a return to Stargate Universe's roots--a character-driven episode marked by exceedingly sl »»

SyFy To Move Caprica, Stargate Universe & Sanctuary For Smackdown?

It is being reported that Syfy could move Stargate Universe, Sanctuary and Caprica out of the Friday night slots they occupy as the broadcaster makes room for Friday Night SmackDown. Syfy acquired Friday Night SmackDown after previous broadcaster MyN »»

Stargate Universe's David Blue Talks About Direction Of Show In New Interview

David Blue who plays Eli Wallace on SyFy's Stargate Universe just did a new interview with the LA Times where he discussed the direction and tone of the show. Here's an excerpt: What did you think about the direction and tone that they going toward »»

Stargate Universe – Episode 1-12 Review

Last time I wrote a review, some agreed with me, some disagreed with me reasonably, and others attacked me personally. I left the offensive comments, even those calling me a "douch fuck" (learn to spell, btw), because I feel like people should be all »»

Stargate Universe – Episode 1-11 Review

"Space" largely bypassed any problems by introducing aliens--perhaps the most needed change--and having an extended space battle take up most of the time. Since that's the case, I'd be willing to call "Space" the second best episode. »»

Stargate Universe 1.0 - Blu-ray Review

This show may be the most un-Stargate Stargate series, but that may be why it’s so good. »»

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