Twin Peaks Reboot Debuts in 2016 (Plus: The Good, The Bad and The Baffling of TV Remakes)

Grab yourself a slice of cherry pie and some damn fine coffee. It's time to go back to Twin Peaks. »»

Sneak Peak At Twin Peaks: The Entire Mystery Bonus Features

Best enjoyed with a cup of coffee. »»

Twin Peaks: The Entire Mystery To Get Killer Blu-ray Treatment

David Lynch's "watercooler" show about a murdered teen gets a high-def upgrade and lots of deleted scenes. »»

Blu-ray Review: Swamp Thing

Even after more than 30 years, Swamp Thing is a fine superhero flick that doesn't try to overwhelm you with special effects. »»

DVD Review: Springhill (Series One)

The show comes off as a slightly serious version of Soap with Dark Shadows's supernatural creeps. »»

DVD Review: The Rookies (The Second Season)

The Rookies is joyfully out of control with outrageous coincidences and over the top cases. »»

Hot Teaser: AMC's The Killing

Four minutes of AMC's upcoming drama The Killing, a murder mystery based on the Danish series "Forbrydelsen." »»

The Job - DVD Review

Ambiguous climax and off-beat characters help sell existential, slightly supernatural heist film The Job »»

Confessions of a Spec Tater — Life after Death

What show would you love to see get another shot at redemption on the big screen? »»

The Mod Squad: Season 2, Volume 1 - DVD Review

The Mod Squad should be an unintentional comedy after all these decades. Three undercover cops blend with the subcultures around Los Angeles in 1969. The clothes, the hair and the slang should make this a cheesefest like CHiPs. Even with all the historical goofiness, there's no desire to constantly point and laugh at the screen. Why not? Because there's a sincerity between the three young semi-policemen. Linc (Clarence Williams III), Pete (Michael Cole) and Julie (Peggy Lipton) have transformed from troubled teens to a well-oiled crime fighting unit on The Mod Squad: Season 2, Volume 1. »»

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