Blu-ray Review: True Blood (The Complete Third Season)

Season three seems to delve deeper into the sleazy elements of the show that make it such a guilty pleasure. »»

V - Episode 2-10 Review

Well, the second season of V is over and by now, if there's one thing we've learned, it's that the writers are going to drag out the prelude to invasion as long as possible. I wouldn't have a problem with that if the stuff in between plot revelations were half decent, but it isn't. The plots remain unfulfilling, the characters are boring, and the moral issues are dealt in the worst ways possible. »»

V - Episode 2-9 Review

With one episode left in the season, V has kind of picked up. The big thing this week is that Erica, the Fifth Column, Lisa, and Diana are going to overthrow Anna. The other "twist" is that the alien invasion force is here, although we saw them coming at the end of the first season, so it's not really that remarkable. By comparison, The Event's reveal about an alien invasion was much better, which is saying something since both are mediocre shows. »»

V - Episode 2-8 Review

Seriously, does anyone even care about what the Visitors or Fifth Column are up to anymore? They're both covertly subverting each other, but nothing really comes of it. A few people die, Erica and Co. rob a bank, but at the end of the episode, things are pretty much the same. »»

V - Episode 2-7 Review

The sad thing with "Birth Pangs" is that it's more disjointed and random than last night's Glee episode. I don't really have time to write a full review, but damn did the episode throw out a bunch of random ideas with little follow up. »»

V - Episode 2-6 Review

The longer V goes on, the more I think the writers have no plan whatsoever. A science fiction show needs a  gameplan, a clear idea of where everything is going. If you're going to create a show about invading aliens and resistance members, you need to know where things are going, and not just vague ideas, but a real framework for each character and future arcs. »»

V - Episode 2-5 Review

The main flaw in V's premise is how transparent it is. We know everything the Visitors are up to aside from the specific details of their pregnancy plan and we know what the Fifth Column is up go and their motivations. It leads to a simplistic view of the conflict. Clearly, the Visitors are evil and must be stopped, allowing for little subtlety. »»

V - Episode 1-4 Review

Anna is taking over the world, one group at a time, the Fifth Column is doing bad things, and Erica wants them stopped, except they can be helpful. Yeah, okay, but how about something big happening? Since the beginning, V has shown both sides of the fight, and it's growing old by now. There hasn't been the huge fight that's been coming, and instead, the Vs and Erica's group are just plugging away on their own boring agendas. »»

V - Episode 2-3 Review

I don't even know what to say about V anymore. The writers are clearly not going to allow any widespread changes happen, despite the fact that this is an alien invasion. "Laid Bare" has some visceral scenes with the torture of Malik, but it's pretty dull outside of that. Anna continues to mess with Lisa and Tyler, Chad joins the Fifth Column, and Erica discovers the Vs abducting people. »»

V - Episode 2-2 Review

If you watched "Serpent's Tooth," you were bashed over and over with the concept of the soul. Out of nowhere, Anna decides to destroy human emotion via the soul, while Jack talks to Ryan about the soul and how it's not physical. »»

V - Episode 2-1 Review

Where is V going? A full blown rebellion with? Probably not. More of the Visitors being mysterious and evil while Erica and her small band rebel? Looks like it, sadly.

 There were two instances during the season premiere, "Red Rain," which had me excited. First, the episode begins with the world in shames after the red sky and Erica looking for her son. »»

V (The Complete First Season) - DVD Review

A confusing, illogical, un-entertaining mess. »»

Bad Movies Done Right — Steel

Steel is a cautionary tale of what audiences might have gotten if Iron Man had been made in the ‘90s. »»

V Spoilers: Erica To Invade Mothership

Apparently Erica and her cohorts will be changing their plan of attack. Instead of trying to kill visitors on Earth, the group will be taking the battle to Anna by invading her mothership in an effort to bring the fight to her. Also, Val will be gi »»

V Spoilers: Series Renewal In Doubt? Anna To Step Up Takeover Plan

A renewal for V seems unlikely at this point, according to Michael Ausiello at EW. As for what's next, a major episode is coming up on Tuesday starring Laura Vandervoort (Lisa). Lisa is discovered beaten in an alley with a nasty “V" carved into h »»

V Spoilers: Lisa To Become 'Edgier' On ABC Series

V's Laura Vandervoort says her character and heir to the throne Lisa is about to make a change. "Lisa really gets to change and becomes edgier in the last few episodes. It's great." Credit: E! Online »»

IPTV Exclusive: Interview w/Laura Vandervoort From V

I first interviewed Laura Vandervoort in 2006 on the set of Instant Star, a feel-good teenage drama about a pop idol's rise to fame after winning an Idol-esque competition. Even four years ago, it was clear that she was destined for greatness and, »»

V 2010 Spoilers: Major Showdown Between Anna & Erica

When V returns at the end of the month, expect a lot more conflict between the show's two alpha females. It is confirmed that Anna and Erica will circle each other before engaging in a fist fight according to the showrunner Scott Rosenbaum. The bos »»

Farscape: The Complete Series - DVD Review

More than just Buck Rogers with a ton of puppets! »»

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