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The following was released by TNA earlier today:


Nashville, TN (April 14, 2005) – Triple X was one of the most successful tag teams in the history of Total Nonstop Action Wrestling. The team of “The Fallen Angel” Christopher Daniels and “Primetime” Elix Skipper are former NWA World Tag Team Champions and were forced to disband after losing to America’s Most Wanted in a Six Sides of Steel match at “Turning Point.” Since the separation both have embarked on singles careers that have seen Daniels become the X-Division Champion and Skipper the number one contender for his title.

With Director of Authority, Dusty Rhodes’, announcement that for the first time ever an entire professional wrestling pay-per-view event will be held in a steel cage this match up between the two former partners is truly ironic. In the same six sided steel structure that their legacy as Triple X ended, one man will reign supreme.

“I respect Elix, we were a great tag team,” said Daniels “But it is no secret that I carried us, I have always been the better wrestler. That is why I have the X-Division title around my waist and that is why I will still be wearing it after ‘Lockdown.”

In recent episodes of ‘iMPACT!” the two have had backstage confrontations on who was to blame over the lose to America’s Most Wanted.

“He might have done some amazing things in that match but, it wasn’t my back on the mat at ‘Turning Point,’ Elix lost that match” added Daniels

During that epic battle at “Turning Point” Skipper landed one of the most talked about moves in professional wrestling as he walked atop the Six Sides of Steel, raising the bar of expectation for all future cage matches.

“I’m not trying to top what happened back then,” said Skipper. “I want one thing and that is the title around my waist. This is my house and in that cage the world will know Triple X had only one primetime player.”

Both these men have been so close for so long that they know each other’s moves and strategies like no one else in TNA Wrestling. There is more than just the coveted X-Division title on the line but the answer to a great sport mystery of who is better. Imagine if Karl Malone played one on one with John Stockton; Wayne Gretzky challenged Mark Messier, John Smoltz starring down Chipper Jones or Tedy Bruschi lined up against Tom Brady. TNA Wrestling fans will get their answer on April 24th as the question to who is better between Christopher Daniels and Elix Skipper is answered inside Six Sides of Steel.

For the preview video of this match and “Lockdown” visit: http://www.tnawrestling.com/lockdown/index.html

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Credit: TNAWrestling.Com